How much does a custom cap cost?

Custom Flexfit® Cap Cost

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How much does a custom cap cost?

Custom caps and hats are a great way of promoting your brand, building corporate identity and celebrating your team or institution.

In fact, they can be used for all kinds of amazing promotional purposes.

Flexfit has carefully developed three programmes that meet the needs of different customers, helping more brands to access high-quality custom caps.

If you’re considering whether to order custom caps for your business, there will be several factors to consider.

One of these is the cost.

As with anything, price alone is rarely the only motivation when it comes to deciding which supplier to use.

Other considerations, such as available styles, quality, minimum quantities and how quickly the order can be turned around are all crucial elements to take into account.

When you place an order for customised caps, you need to be confident of a high-quality, well-manufactured product.

For all of these reasons, Flexfit has established itself as one of the globe’s leading suppliers of high-quality custom caps.

A common question we’re often asked is: How much does a custom cap from Flexfit cost?

With such a wide range of different products, design elements, quantities and customisation options, the price for your custom cap will vary.

As a general rule, the bigger your order in terms of quantity, the smaller the unit cost will ultimately be.

The cost per unit of smaller orders will by necessity be higher.

That said, we work hard to provide a competitive quote that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Our standards are exacting, and every cap we produce is a shop window for ourselves, as well as your brand.

For that reason, we ask anyone interested in placing an order for our products to contact us for an accurate, itemised quote.

With a team of professionals in our European, Middle East, Indian and Russian offices, we can provide industry-leading levels of customer service to our global clients.

What is it about our products and approach that makes us so unique, and what can you expect for your investment?

The Flexfit approach

At Flexfit, we go the extra mile for our clients, creating groundbreaking designs and using innovative manufacturing techniques that deliver a consistently high-quality product.

Indeed, the technology at the core of our designs is what makes our products stand out from the competition.

We’ve applied scientific construction to create headwear that fits different head sizes perfectly. Our Yupoong® high-tech fabrics are extended through the cap’s crown, creating the ultimate in comfort and fit, as well as style.

This idea has revolutionised the flexibility and comfort of headwear, and our patented technology has been adopted widely across the industry.

All of our caps take ergonomics into consideration, combining polyurethane and elastane to create a highly effective – as well as comfortable – sweatband.

When you partner with Flexfit, you’re teaming up with one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of high-quality custom headwear.

We can work with you to create a product that champions your brand, emphasises quality and comes in at a realistic price point for your business.

Whether you’re opting for our original Flexfit cap, our YP Classic Snapbacks and Trucker Caps, or something else from our new online store makes the entire process even easier.

After we’ve completed the full planning, design and development process, Flexfit will deliver your prototypes to your exact specifications within the agreed time.

We never cut corners, and the time we agree will allow us to complete the project in a professional and efficient manner.

Flexfit has developed three programmes that meet the needs of different clients, helping more brands access high-quality custom caps, at a realistic price.

Blank Cap Programme

The Flexfit Blank Cap Programme provides high-quality product and service aiming at the promotional, decorating and retail industries. This is a faster, more nimble service with lower minimums but with the same attention to quality and detail that gives our approach the edge.

With this particular service, we offer a complete retail solution for our clients, including in-store promotions, displays and other point-of-sale materials. These products are offered on an ex-works or delivered duty paid service, allowing you to take complete control of your logistics.

How it works

This programme offers a customised service, allowing you to select from a wide range of fabrics, colours and trims.

Our blank caps reach a standard that no other manufacturer can, and incorporate a groundbreaking ergonomic design.

The products we produce for this program combine outstanding quality with affordability.

This is also our most accessible programme, with a minimum order of just six pieces per style or colour.

Caps can be bought immediately through us directly by contacting our offices or by ordering directly from our Flexfit store

Find out more and get a quote

To find out more about this particular programme and to receive an accurate quote, send an email to our friendly and professional sales team at and they’ll be happy to help.

Overseas Programme

Our Flexfit Overseas Programme provides bespoke caps that can be fully customised to the highest standards.

This program gives you the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to create your own unique collection of headwear.

You can set your own style, and personalise subtle features such as the labelling, branding and even in the inner tape.

You can choose to make a bold statement by having fabrics or signature fabrics developed especially for you.

Alternatively, you might opt for materials and components that have been developed by your approved vendor.

In fact, you might say that the private label possibilities are endless with a huge range of styles available including Flexfit’s fitted and adjustable options, snapbacks and more.

How it works

Our overseas programme provides high levels of customer service and support from beginning to end.

Our in-house design department will be on hand to provide concept design for buyers, offering guidance and advice to help you create the perfect custom headwear for your particular needs.

We provide real-time communication throughout, answering any questions you might have and quickly resolving problems.

We understand that when you’re placing a substantial order you expect a significant amount of support throughout the process.

The minimum order for this program is 576 pcs per style or colour, and a prototype of your design(s) will be with you within four weeks.

(SMS) salesman samples will then be delivered for your sales teams within five weeks.

After you’ve approved your sample, bulk production can take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks.

To process your order, we’ll need details of your chosen cap style, artwork in a vector file, its position and size on your chosen cap, as well as the technique you’ve chosen.

For instance, this might be 2D/3D embroidery, print or patch.

Find out more and get a quote

To find out more about our industry-leading overseas program and to receive an accurate quote, email and we’ll be happy to help.

Domestic Programme

The Flexfit custom domestic cap programme provides high-quality customised headwear with low minimums and short lead times with the aim of supporting new brands and event-based programs.

Despite the shorter lead times, our design work maintains the most exacting specifications throughout the whole process from design through to production.

We take your artwork, discuss your ideas, and our branding team of experts help you fine-tune your work.

Once we’ve received your artwork, we can digitise it and create a sample within a few days.

How does it work?

The domestic programme is an accessible, low minimum order scheme providing products that still meet the exacting standards you’d expect from the Flexfit brand.

We don’t cut corners, and work to ensure that what you receive meets your requirements.

For orders featuring new designs, the minimum order is for 18 pieces of a particular style, colour or branding.

To keep things simple, the same applies to re-orders.

After we’ve received your artwork as a vector file, a prototype sample will be with you within 12 working days.

If you approve your sample, then the bulk production of your headwear will take up to four weeks.

As with the overseas program, to process your order we’ll require the details of your chosen cap style, artwork in a vector file, its position and size on your chosen cap, as well as the technique you’ve chosen.

For instance, this might be 2D/3D embroidery, print or patch.

What about set-up fees?

The domestic programme has low set up fees which are currently as follows:

The set-up of screen printing or digitising is on a per logo basis.

The first samples cost €30 (£27) each, with the same fee applying for additional samples. In both cases, this fee is refundable as soon as an order is placed.

Find out more and get a quote

Our team is on hand to help with any queries you may have about our accessible domestic program. If you’d like to learn more or to receive an accurate quote then email us at

What about guarantees?

We’re extremely confident about the quality of the finished products you’ll receive. We’re demanding in our standards and within our factories; we have a “ZERO DEFECT QUALITY SYSTEM” to ensure quality control with every headwear item we produce.

If you have a claim for damaged products, a shortage in your order or an incorrect order, you can direct this claim to our customer service within five days of receiving the goods.

If you’d like to request a change to your order then this should be made in writing. We’ll do all that we can to honour your request but any changes cannot be made or cancelled once your order is in process.

We work in a transparent way to ensure that everyone is happy with the products they receive. Our Terms & ConditionsTerms of Sale and Terms of Use set out our trading policies in more detail.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our programs, manufacturing techniques, how we work and the likely cost for your project then our team will be happy to help. Email or call +44 (0) 151 707 1148 to find out more.

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