How the Yupoong Dad Hat became a fashion trend


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A Yupoong Dad Hat is a baseball style Flexfit cap made from cotton with a gently curved visor. They are called dad hats because they are similar to the headwear once worn by middle-aged men.

Dad hats were first worn by baseball players, then adopted by their fans who followed their favourite dad cap-wearing baseball players.

Rappers and celebrities

Rappers took the cap that dads wore and made them trendy. Hip-hop artists wore dad caps on stage and in their videos. Modern music artists seen wearing dad caps include Drake, 2 Chainz, Kanye West and Rihanna. Beyoncé has a Lemonade dad hat which is sold to her fans.

Instagram, Facebook and other social media photos of celebrities wearing dad hats have made them into a fashion trend.

Dad hats have made an unusual transition from an old-school cap to the status of a fashion icon.

Making the Yupoong Dad Hat your own fashion brand

Beyoncé has made her dad cap unique to her style. You or your business can do the same by customising a Yupoong Dad Hat to make it your unique fashion brand. The Yupoong custom design team will take your design – a logo, slogan or pattern – and print or embroider it on the dad caps to make caps that are your unique fashion statement. Your custom caps can be used as promotional items for your business or sold as your own brand fashion caps.

Fashion and practicality

The Yupoong Dad Hat is a combination of fashion style and practicality, premium headwear developed with Yupoong’s 40-year experience of making quality headwear. Yupoong dad hats incorporate Yupoong’s innovative technology such as Permacurve, which makes sure that the Flexfit cap’s curved visor stay in shape. The caps are adjustable to fit all head sizes.

The Yupoong Dad Hat is manufactured to the highest production standards using premium materials that are kind to the planet because they exceed international environmental standards. A custom Yupoong Dad Hat associates your brand with a top-class fashionable product that is made with care and attention to detail.

Yupoong Dad Caps are designed to fit comfortably and not fall off when performing sports or running. They are suitable for young and old and look stylish when walking down the urban street, or when adventuring in the great outdoors. They are a true unisex fashion item, worn by both men and women.

Dad caps have many options to suit your fashion style. They come in a variety of colours or choose a camo pattern cap for that military feel. Stitching can be the same colour as the cap or in a contrasting shade. Adjustable strap buckles are available in antique look brass. Caps are made in standard cotton, washed cotton or twill cotton.

Try one on

The best way to experience the Yupoong Dad Hat is to try one on. They are available at leading fashion and sportswear stores or contact Yupoong to talk about the wholesale and custom cap program.

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