How to benefit from the Flexfit Delta Wholesale program


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Buying Flexfit Delta hats wholesale is a great way of benefiting from the popularity of Flexfit headwear in bulk.

Sleeker, smarter, lighter

The Flexfit Delta is a top-of-the-range hat that maximises comfort and style. It is based on the classic baseball style hat but brought right up to date. The appeal of these caps can be summed up in three words – sleeker, smarter, lighter.

The panels that make up the crown are joined together with tapes, which creates a seamless look that is a lot smoother and lighter than the classic baseball cap.

Delta caps are both great looking and very practical. A special sweatband absorbs moisture, prevents stains and eliminates odours. The Permacurve visor keeps its shape at all times. Delta hats fit well and are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. The caps repel water to keep the head dry during showers.

Flexfit Delta cap wearers love their premium quality, and appreciate the attention to detail Flexfit puts into each cap. They also support Flexfit’s policy of using materials and manufacturing processes that do not harm the environment.

Buying wholesale

If you would like to partner with Flexfit, you can join our wholesale program. Simply purchase a number of blank Delta hats at wholesale prices for resale. Choose from a selection of classic colours.

The hats are available in Flexfit and adjustable options to fit everything from small to extra-large heads, so you don’t need to worry about ordering multiple sizes.

You can sell Flexfit Delta caps online or in shops. We want you to succeed and can support your business with point-of-sale materials, and we actively promote our range of headwear to make sure that the Flexfit brand maintains its position as the leading name in baseball-style hats. Many of your customers will already have heard about Flexfit and its reputation for premium quality headwear, so the stylish Flexfit Delta range almost sells itself without the need for high-pressure salespeople.

Customising Delta caps

Blank Flexfit Delta 180 hats are ideal for branding with a company or organisation brand. Businesses that sell promotional products print or embroider Delta hats with business brands.

You can join the Flexfit Custom Design Program and create your unique Delta hats. Caps can be customised with your own logo, or you can create unique designs to sell as your own designer label fashion headwear.

Talk to a member of the Flexfit team for assistance on designing the graphics that are printed or embroidered on your Flexfit Delta 180 hats. High resolution images can be created on graphics software ready for printing on your Delta caps.

Minimum orders are small so that you can purchase a few custom Flexfit Delta wholesale caps to test the market for your branded hats. The whole process from the design phase to the delivery of the Delta caps does not take long either.

If you would like to purchase blank or custom Delta caps in bulk, contact us at Flexfit to discover how you can benefit from the Flexfit Delta Wholesale program.

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