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At Flexfit, we’re proud to distribute our caps in Italy, and they are worn and seen all over the country. If you visit Italy, you can wear your Flexfit custom cap, but there are some guidelines about what type of

caps to take and when to wear them.

Italy is known for its high-class fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel and Dior. While most Italians appreciate good fashion design, they do not wear expensive clothes for everyday use. Like people from all over the world, Italians love baseball hats.

Where not to wear custom caps in Italy

Hats are not allowed in many areas of the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Gardens and St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Italian love opera, but dress smartly for performances. Baseball-style hats usually are deemed to be too casual for opera wear.

Apart from these exceptions, custom Flexfit caps can be worn in most Italian locations.

Custom caps to avoid

There are some custom caps that are not advisable to wear in Italy. For example, if you want to blend in with Italians and not stand out as a tourist, it’s better not to wear a Flexfit custom cap with the Italian flag and the word ‘Italy’ embroidered on it.

It may not be tactful to wear a hat with the words “The Godfather”, especially in Scilly. You can wear custom hats with the badge of an Italian football club, except when mingling with a rival team’s supporters. If you’re watching Roma play, avoid wearing a Lazio cap, and vice versa.

The best Flexfit custom caps to wear in Italy

You will be safe wearing a custom cap with a famous Italian brand logo, especially ones associated with sports and fitness such as Ferrari, Vibram, and Fila Korea. Alternately, wear a blank Flexfit cap without any added graphics.

Italians are often fashion conscious, so to blend in wear good quality smart casual clothes with your Flexfit custom hats. There is no formal dress code for simply wandering around Italian towns or cities, but smart trousers, shirt, skirts and dresses are good to wear if you want to look like you care about fashion.

Summer heat

Many regions of Italy are very hot in the summer months, but in this generally liberal country, it’s fine for men and women to wear shorts on very hot days. Wear a Flexfit cap for sun protection to protect the head and face. Flexfit cap sweatbands help keep the head cool and dry.

To avoid the tourist look, don’t wear socks with sandals. Sunglasses are recommended to protect the eyes. Wear good quality sunglasses with an Italian designer label if you want to impress.

Universal appeal

Baseball-style hats may have originated in the USA, but their appeal is worldwide. Flexfit distributes headwear to all parts of Europe, including, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. At Flexfit, we sell caps that are worn by all cultures and types of people. Countries may have borders, but Flexfit caps are not confined to any geographic areas.

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