How to wear Yupoong Snapbacks

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The Yupoong Snapback gets its name from the adjustable or ‘snap’ strap at the back which makes the cap fit all head sizes. Yupoong Snapbacks are available in a number of colours, fabrics and patterns, and with today being Hat Day, there’s no better time to choose a style that suits your personality.

There is no right or wrong way of wearing Yupoong Snapbacks, but here are some suggestions for how to wear yours:

For a smart-casual look, sport a black or dark grey Snapback without brightly coloured logos. Wear the cap with the visor slightly raised to reveal your face. Pair with chinos and a casual white or neutral colour buttoned shirt over a T-shirt.

For a hip-hop look reminiscent of the 1990s, choose a black Snapback worn with an oversized T-shirt carrying a bold pattern. Team it with ripped black jeans and white trainers.

Wear the Snapback with a slogan T-shirt and bomber jacket for an urban style. With a bold outfit, choose a plain coloured Snapback.

Most people wear the Snapback with the visor facing forward, but you can wear it backwards. To some, this is a dated look, but you can get away with it if you also wear contemporary style designed clothes. Try wearing the Snapback high on your head with the visor slanting at a steep downward angle.

Snapbacks are rarely worn with formal suits or business wear, but there are no rules against this. At Flexfit, we are happy for you to wear our Snapback hats anyway you want, and anywhere you want.

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