How Yupoong custom caps benefit your business


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Yupoong caps are popular headwear worn by a wide variety of people, which is why they are ideal for promoting a business. There are several benefits to having your own Yupoong custom caps.

Raising staff morale

Staff morale is very important, since happy employees are more productive. To them, work is not just about the pay, but the satisfaction and self-esteem they get from the job. When employees wear Yupoong custom caps emblazoned with the company logo, they feel part of a team.

If you give employees workwear, provide them with clothes that they actually like wearing. Wearing clothes they see as ugly or humiliating only lowers staff morale. Baseball-type hats are so popular that workers will probably wear their caps outside of work – especially if they are of good quality – and this will get your brand known in their community.

Create a buzz

You want a buzz about your brand. Yupoong caps, even without a logo, are premium quality and stylish-looking hats that people love to wear. Give your top clients free Yupoong custom caps which they will love wearing to promote the brand.

Many people chronicle their lives on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you can get people with large numbers of followers to post pictures of them wearing Yupoong custom caps, this will create a buzz around your brand.

Recognition at events

If your company sponsors or organises events, your presence will be recognised if people wear your caps. All workers at the event should wear custom caps. Why not give caps away to event attendees?

Customer advertising

Yupoong custom hats worn by customers turn them into ”walking billboards”. People loyal to your brand won’t mind buying them, making it a no-cost form of advertising, and even providing a potential extra income stream for a business.

Hats for everyone

The great thing about Yupoong custom caps is that they are liked by almost everyone, from young to old, male and female. This makes them very simple to use as promotional items. Unlike other forms of clothing, you don’t need to have women’s sizes and men’s sizes, since baseball hats are a unisex item.

If you use Yupoong’s Flexfit 110 caps, you do not need to bother about ordering a selection of sizes, as one size adjusts to fits all heads.

Easy to get started

To start on a Yupoong custom cap project is easy. First, select the colour and style of Flexfit caps you want to customise. You probably already have an image file of your logo that is suitable for printing or embroidering on your hat, or your graphic designer can create a new design. Our Yupoong designers are here to help you create images suitable for customisation.

You can then see a sample hat, and after you are happy with it, your finished hats will be delivered ready to give away or sell.

If you would like to join the many successful companies to have used Yupoong custom caps to promote their business, talk to us at Flexfit about the best way to start.

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