How Yupoong custom caps can help your sports team win


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Yupoong custom caps are worn by people who love sport, which makes them ideal headwear for both team members and supporters to wear.

Identity and unity

A cap with a sports team badge identifies the wearer with the team or sports club.

A sports team and its fans are like a tribe, united in their loyalty to the team. In some sports, like golf or baseball, custom caps can be worn by the players at the event, but in other sports such as football or motor racing, caps are only worn by athletes off the field. Fans can wear their baseball caps whenever they are watching the teams or the individual sportspeople they follow.

High level sports usually mean that there is a separation between the fans and their sporting heroes. Fans rarely get to meet and talk to their favourite sportspeople, instead seeing them participating in their sport at a distance. When both players and fans wear the same Yupoong custom caps, there may be a physical distance between them, but the caps create a sense of unity, of all belonging to the same tribe. This creates a feeling of equality which is not just imagined. Without the fans, the sports team would not exist and without the players, the fans would have nobody to support. This creates a kind of co-dependency in which the two sides, players and supporters are necessary.

Team sports are not about the individual players, but the performance of the whole team. Playing in front of many loyal and vocal fans wearing custom caps motivates the team to put in that extra effort that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Not just professional sports

Yupoong custom caps are not just for professional sports – at the amateur level, teams have supporters who wear team caps. School teams have the support of parents and teachers, local junior league teams have friends and families to support them.

You don’t have to be a big sporting organisation with lots of money to benefit from the Yupoong Custom Design program. All you need is a logo or team badge in a digital image form. If an organisation is not sure that they have the correct type of image file, a member of the Yupoong custom design team will assist them.

Minimum order quantities are low, and if you use the snapback style, you only need one size of cap to fit all players and supporters heads. Team badges and logos can be printed or embroidered.

Caps can be sold to both cover production costs and to make a profit that can be added to the organisation’s funds. Many small sports clubs struggle to afford the kit and equipment needed, so selling Yupoong custom caps is a welcome addition to their finances.

To start the process of creating unique Yupoong custom caps, talk to a member of the Custom Design Program team who will take you step by step through the process, from the design to the delivery of your caps.

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