How Yupoong/Flexfit is helping the world one hat at a time


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Sustainability is a core principle of Yupoong and the Flexfit caps. The new Rescued + Renewed range of hats demonstrates our commitment to the environment.

What makes these

caps unique is that they are made from rescued and recycled plastic bottles. Many people buy water and drinks in plastic bottles, which are then discarded after use. Thrown away plastic stays around for centuries, and it is estimated that about 10% of the plastic the world uses ends up in the oceans. Yupoong cannot save the world from all this plastic, but we play our part by rescuing large numbers of these bottles and turning them into the fabric for the Rescued + Renewed caps.

Yupoong states:

“By rescuing plastic bottles and recycling them into renewed fabric used in our hats, we hope to truly create a positive change in the world one hat at a time.”

These Yupoong Flexfit Rescued + Renewed hats are made to a very high standard. They look great and are very comfortable to wear.

Many people are concerned about the environment and climate change. A single person cannot change the world on their own, but many individuals choosing to buy sustainable products has a significant impact. According to Lyst, there has been a 47% increase in people preferring ethical fashion, with a surge in demand for non-animal leather substitutes, organic cotton and clothing made from factories that do not harm the environment. Yupoong Flexfit Rescued + Renewed hats are part of this ethical fashion movement.

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