‘Hypebeasts’ wear Asian streetwear and Flexfit Snapback caps

Flexfit hypebeasts

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So-called ‘hypebeasts’ love to wear Flexfit snapback caps to complete their Asian streetwear look.

What’s a hypebeast?

A recent BBC News article notes that a hypebeast is someone who is passionate about streetwear and buys the latest clothing from streetwear designers. They like the comfortable feel and casual looks of streetwear inspired by hip-hop and surfing culture.

In particular, hypebeasts love limited edition T-shirts, trainers and tracksuit bottoms. The market is dominated by US fashion labels, but a growing number of Asian fashion labels are creating streetwear. Hypebeasts are not all young millennials – a 40-year-old Singaporean man admitted to BBC News that he spends £300 a month on Asian branded streetwear.

Yeti Out, a Hong Kong and Shanghai-based label, has seen sales of its streetwear double in 12 months. Indonesian label Paradise Youth Club has also experienced similar growth.

The popularity of streetwear is fuelled by bloggers on social media who often focus on Asian labels. Jeremy Tan, Culture Cartel’s director, says:

“The world is looking east because of the tremendous amount of young talent that has emerged in recent years.”

The Flexfit Snapback

Hypebeasts may want the latest streetwear fashion, but when it comes to caps, most stick with the traditional baseball hat. Flexfit is a brand that originated, and is headquartered, in Asian, but our caps are sold worldwide. The Flexfit Snapback cap is ideal for wearing with streetwear. Fans of Asian streetwear can wear Flexfit caps without breaking their desire to only buy Asian brands

Flexfit has built a reputation built over 40 years for creating premium quality and stylish headwear. The style and design of the snapback cap may have not changed over the years, but snapbacks are bought up to date with customised designs with the brand logos that streetwear fans love.

Streetwear is not just about the look and quality of the clothes, it is about a certain mentality and outlook on life. Hypebeasts like adventure, whether that’s skateboarding or having animated conversations at 4:00 am in Bangkok bars. Designers are inspired by how groups of people interact and how they live their lives in a digital era. Asian streetwear fashion is unisex clothing, suitable for men and women. The Flexfit Snapback fits in with this ethos as it can be worn by all genders.

At Flexfit, we believe that fashion has no boundaries, so we create baseball-style caps that can be worn as streetwear, by seniors, millennials, your friends and your parents.

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