The ideal caps for outdoor activities

The ideal caps for outdoor activities

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There are all kinds of reasons to wear baseball caps, whether it’s simply to look good, to increase awareness of a brand, or to guard you from the elements.

For the outdoor enthusiast, the main concern is likely to be the third of those considerations. Being in the great outdoors is a wonderful feeling, but the weather can be unpredictable. Why should this be a problem, though?

The Scottish comedian Billy Connolly is among those to have used the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing”. This is absolutely true – what we see as “perfect” weather is far from perfect if we are overdressed. Imagine being outside on a warm, dry day, but wearing a balaclava, a thick padded coat and a pair of wellington boots. What initially seemed to be wonderful weather would quickly become unpleasant because of your unsuitable clothing. Likewise, if you are stuck outside in heavy wind and rain, this is a problem if you’re just dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. If you’re wearing warm, waterproof clothing, it’s much less of an issue.

At Flexfit, we believe that the weather shouldn’t stop you getting outside and enjoying yourself. After all, some of us have a hobby that cannot be done without venturing out of the house, and we don’t think that wind, rain, sleet or snow should stop you looking and feeling good while doing it.


Whether you’re on a boat or at the side of your local canal, a day of fishing can be as exciting or relaxing as you wish to make it. What’s always important though, is preparation. You might put plenty of time into assembling your rod, finding just the right bait and researching the perfect spot to cast your line, but don’t forget the most important consideration – yourself.

In spending hours by the water, you’re likely to notice the effects of the weather, be they foul or fair. For a start, areas by the sea are windier, so you should have warm clothing available. At the same time, feeling the wind might cause you to neglect the fact that you’re spending a long time directly in the sun, potentially leading to sunburn. If it starts to rain, you’ll feel the full force of this, and being near the water means there’s a fair chance you might get wet even on a dry day.

This makes the likes of waterproof gear, several layers of clothing and sun lotion essential items to have with you on a day of fishing, but a hat can be hugely valuable too. If you are a keen angler, the Flexfit Delta is the perfect cap to take with you. The Delta is a top-of-the-range cap that’s both waterproof and windproof, making it an ideal way to keep your head dry and comfortable on wintry days.

At the same time, a cap shouldn’t be something you have to keep taking on and off to suit the weather. Should you be enjoying a hot and sunny afternoon at the lake, the special Permacurve visor can shield your eyes from the sun, the thermal regulation technology can ensure you don’t overheat, and the odour-repellent and anti-bacterial qualities will see that your personal hygiene doesn’t suffer even on the stuffiest of days.


Obviously, climbing is considerably more physical than fishing, but again, it’s an activity that can be leisurely or very challenging, depending on the climber’s desires and levels of capability.

Whether you want to climb up a nearby hill or mountain in your own time, or seek to take on an extreme and potentially dangerous ascent, what you wear is very important. You’ll need to be able to see clearly, and don’t forget that temperature drops with altitude.

Again, a hat like the Flexfit Delta that offers thermal regulation technology will ensure that you stay warm, while also guarding against the build-up of sweat that can leave you uncomfortable and wet. If you expect warm weather during a moderate climb, something like a Classics Snapback might be just the job – the ‘trucker’ cap was originally designed to keep the sun out of drivers’ eyes but keep their heads cool at the same time. Consider looking for a cap with X-Mesh technology, meaning the fabric is breathable and will keep you pleasantly cool. We also offer a range of knits you could carry if things get a little too chilly.


Thanks to icons like Tony Hawk, skateboarding has developed a fashion all of its own, and caps remain very much a part of this. Skateboarders don’t just wear caps to look good though – they’re an essential part of how they perform.

In skateboarding, clear vision is crucial. Skaters move at a fast pace and need to have a strong peripheral view of everything around them. A cap with a Permacurve peak, such as the Flexfit 110, therefore makes for an excellent choice.

The Permacurve can be adjusted or curved again and again while still keeping its shape, so is just right for the skater who needs to position the visor at the perfect angle to block out the sun or increase their field of vision.

Aerodynamics is also pivotal to skateboarding, which is why it’s not uncommon to see skaters wear their caps back-to-front. Again, this is rarely done as a fashion statement, but rather to increase speed and stop the peak acting as a windbreak, or even flying off the head. With Permacurve, you can find the optimum position and shape for the visor, or change it time and time again depending on your circumstances.

All of this shows that there is plenty to consider when it comes to what to wear on your head for outdoor activities. It’s certainly not just about looking the part (although this is always a bonus!) but choosing the headwear best suited to the activity at hand – one that will keep you comfortable and maximise your performance, whatever your activity of choice might be.

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