Is the baseball cap timeless?


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Many people believe that the baseball hat style is timeless and its style never goes out of date.

There is a notable black and white photograph of baseball player Jackie Robinson. Fans of baseball history will know that Jackie Robinson was the first coloured player to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. If you did not know this and were asked to date the photograph, you would struggle to do so by just looking at what he is wearing – a white casual top and a baseball cap. If you were told that this was a modern-day photograph and didn’t recognise Jackie Robinson, you could believe it really is modern.

At first glance, Flexfit baseball caps look similar to those worn in the 1940s, but of course there are differences in their technology and performance. The visor looks standard, but Permacurve makes it keep its shape after being crumpled, something Jackie’s cap would not do. When looking at the cap from the outside, you do not see the sweatband and inside tapes, but they are there to stop the build-up of sweat to keep the head cool and dry.

As well as technology advances, Flexfit has refined the style of the baseball cap. For example, the stitchless construction of the Flexfit Delta cap creates a lighter and smoother looking cap that is visibly different to Jackie Robinson’s 1947 cap.

At Flexfit, we have updated the baseball cap but without spoiling the classic timeless look of this headwear style.

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