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Minimalists prefer Flexfit blank hats to customised ones because they are attracted to simple but elegant styles.

Two types of minimalists

There are two basic types of minimalists, though some people combine both types.

The first type rejects consumerism and limits how much they own and spend. The second type likes minimalist design, objects with clean lines and little or no ornamentation.

Living with less

The first type of minimalist will have a few basic items in their wardrobe. They may have just one hat. Flexfit blank hats appeal to them because they are both practical and stylish and can be worn everywhere. They can be folded to take minimum storage space. Permacurve technology makes sure that the visors stay in shape after the cap has been folded.

Minimalists tend to like simple pleasures and try to live on less money. They would rather jog outside than spend money on a gym membership. They prefer trekking in the natural environment to buying cinema or concert tickets. They wear their Flexfit blank hats outside and appreciate that they are comfortable to wear and keep on the head when running or exercising. Flexfit caps are ideal for wearing in the sun to protect the head and face from sunburn.

Simple design

Minimalist art explores simple geometric shapes and abstraction, while minimalist design consists of simple but elegant shapes with little or no embellishment.

Apple is perhaps the leading manufacturer of minimalist designed products. Its iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are classic examples of how minimalist design can be seen to add to the function of the technology. Minimalist design extends to the appearance of their operating systems, with clean, flat icons and easy-to-read fonts.

Flexfit blank hats are based on the classic baseball hat style. Their design shares a lot with the minimalist design philosophy. Simple panels are stitched together with a large visor and the crown button. The adjustable strap at the back adjusts to fits the head comfortably. They are not over-designed.

The Flexfit Delta hat has minimum stitching to create a seamless look. It looks smoother and lighter than other models and can be seen as a fine example of minimalist design. The Delta hat combines simple design with modern technology to create headwear that marries basic shapes with added practical features.

At Flexfit, we create blank hats that can have any design added, or be left blank for people who appreciate their simpler style.

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