KINGPIMPSLIFE together with FLEXFIT EMEI have design and developed a collection of authentic dad hats & Snapbacks which are due to be launched officially at the end of October.

KINGSPIMPSLIFE is a designer that works with FLEXFIT caps on which they produce exclusive handmade embellishments using luxury Swarovski crystals. The owner William Martinez is based in Spain and travels around the world presenting his work to many reputable establishments and working within an exclusive circle of artists and elite athletes who wear the custom hats designed by him. Among his best known clients are Daddy Yankee, Neymar Jr, Sergio Ramos, Isco Alarcón and many more important superstars.

KINGSPIMPLIFE and FLEXFIT EMEI have decided to collaborate and work together to develop a high quality range of caps which will be available to consumers and retailers interested to buy the brand. The concept of the collection is based on the brand motto “Never Give Up” which is the key in William’s philosophy of work ethics that has resulted in opening many opportunities. FLEXFIT EMEI is very excited with this collaboration and believe this is the beginning of a very special relationship.

This new product will be available on the official KPL website soon






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