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Charities and non-profit organisations have many aims, but the key ones are to raise awareness about an issue and generate funds that help their projects. They want a response that makes a difference in people’s lives. Yupoong custom Snapback hats can contribute to these aims.

Raising awareness

Obviously, a Yupoong custom snapback cannot contain lots of details about a cause. Most caps have a simple image and perhaps a slogan that expresses a feeling about the charity. For example, the World Wildlife Fund has a black and white image of a panda with the initials WWF and the slogan ‘For Your World’. Meanwhile, all the Red Cross needs is its iconic symbol that most people recognise.

When someone wears a customised hat branded with a charity symbol and slogan, people who already know about the charity will be reminded of it when they see someone wearing the hat. A person new to the charity will hopefully be intrigued enough to ask the wearer about what the cap stands for.

Raising funds

A Yupoong custom Snapback hat raises funds directly and indirectly. Flexfit caps are quality headwear that people love and will want to buy, and this creates an income stream for the charity. They will gladly purchase hats to demonstrate their support of the charity and its cause. If the charity has volunteers, they can wear snapback hats as a uniform.

Indirectly, funds are raised because the hat increases awareness. The more people see the charity symbol on the hat, the more likely they are to donate money.

Charities can be seen as brands, and brand recognition is about repetition. The more a brand logo is seen, the more chance that it will be remembered. This is why TV and radio adverts are usually repeated many times to lodge brand images in people’s memories. Yupoong Snapback hats worn by many people repeat the message of the charity every time the wearers walk down the street or are seen at busy urban venues.

Yupoong Snapbacks come in just one size. This cuts down on how many caps an organisation needs, or having to worry about the head size of people who want hats. Often, a charity can get their Yupoong custom Snapback purchase sponsored by a company that supports the charity. This means that even more money can be made when selling the hats to supporters.

Designing your hats

At Flexfit, we have a team of experienced designers who can help you design your Yupoong custom Snapback hats. They will make sure that your images are suitable for printing or embroidering on the hats, and arrange for the hat production.

If you are reticent to risk a lot of money in buying hats, order a small quantity to test out if they will sell. Should they sell out, you can confidently purchase larger quantities, and remember – you only need to order one size.

Talk to us today to discuss how the Yupoong Snapback hat can benefit your charity, campaign or cause.

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