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Whether striving for fashion or functionality, you don’t want this to be at any cost to the environment. As part of our effort to be more environmentally responsible, we’ve produced a range of environmentally conscious headwear that puts us at the forefront of the fashion eco revolution, and you can be part of that too.

There is no time like the present to act and become a responsible company that puts environmental concerns at the heart of what you do. By joining up with us will help boost your own eco credentials.

Introducing the ‘Rescued + Renewed Collection’

Using recycled waste, we’ve created an innovative solution, the ‘Rescued + Renewed Collection’ to combat rising environmental issues before it is too late. Our sustainable and responsible headwear is made with recycled plastic bottles and mesh nets, helping us to transform the headwear industry into a sustainable, eco-friendly one.

By making use of recycled products in this way, we’ve added our name to the list of brands who have opted to be producers of responsible yet fashionable activewear. We know the devastating impact that plastic can have, particularly on our oceans, and while plastic may last forever, we know that our Earth won’t, if something drastic isn’t done now.

Why have we done this?

We’ve responded not only to the need for companies to be more responsible, but also to the desire of shoppers to buy fashion items that have good ethical as well as the right style credentials. Our caps build upon the desire from the public for products that are more ethically sound and less damaging to the environment, such as the growing demand for items produced from vegan leather, organic cotton, recycled plastics, and sustainable sources of raw materials.

By doing our bit ensures that we meet the demand from eco-conscious customers for whom  the factors concerning how, where and what their products are made of, has become an increasingly important factor. Customers are becoming more and more choosy when it comes to buying, and never more so where fashion is concerned.

With social media and the power of influencer more prevalent than ever before, being environmentally responsible, and being seen to be so, has never been more important. With Yupoong, you can choose headwear that truly rocks but without an environmental cost.

Our approach

Our philosophy is “Never Settling, Always Evolving” and sustainability is a core part of that  belief. We believe that it is our responsibility to utilise our long-standing expertise in innovation and evolution to create sustainable caps, which can be a creative solution to the threat of plastic waste. Thus the Rescued + Renewed collection was created to ignite sustainability awareness and transform the waste into new, endless opportunities.

By rescuing plastic bottles and recycling them into renewed fabric used in our hats, we hope to become a catalyst in promoting protection of and prosperity for the Earth’s wellbeing.

With a choice of different sustainable fabrics, our caps lessen the ecological footprint on the planet. Recycled Poly Mesh, Recycled Poly Twill or a combination of those, are just a few of our fabric options that can be chosen to create one-of-a-kind caps. Whether it’s a YP Classic cap or an Original Flexfit, our headwear helps contribute in the drive towards a more sustainable fashion and design industry.

Join our eco-friendly crusade

Our increasingly environmentally responsible efforts are delivered to our customers through our recycled eco-friendly products. Support and join our journey towards a more sustainable future with our conscious headwear.

By using your head and choosing wisely, you can be certain that your headwear choices won’t be costing the environment. Instead, by choosing YUPOONG, you will be meeting the growing need from customers for the things they buy to have little or no long lasting environmental impact.

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