What message does the colour of your branded caps give?

Colour Of branded caps
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If you’re looking to get a headwear range started and already have an established brand and logo, it makes sense to design your caps in the same colours as the ones you use for your company. This helps consistency, and increases the chances of your caps being instantly linked to your company, and vice versa.

Perhaps you’re planning to launch a completely new headwear brand, though? You may have a rough idea what your logo will look like, but how much thought have you put into the colour scheme – not only of the logo, but of the caps themselves.

Different colours convey different messages and moods. Here, we’ve put together a guide to what colours tend to mean in branding. By understanding this, we hope that you can come to an informed decision on which colours are best suited to the message behind your brand.


Black is a colour that tends to be preferred by people in the 16 to 25 age group. Usually, it is associated with power and authority.

This may lead you to think of black as an overbearing and unfriendly colour, but it can have other effects too. Familiar phrases like ‘black magic’ help to give the colour an element of secrecy and wonder.

Perhaps more than any colour though, black is seen as a popular and fashionable colour, which explains why people often highlight the popularity of another colour by describing it as ‘the new black’.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, white conveys clarity and calmness. It’s also perhaps the best colour to choose if you want your logo to really stand out.

White can be seen as a ‘blank canvass’, leading it to be associated with imagination and creativity.


The colour red symbolises warmth and passion. It’s a hue we associate with action and urgency, so it could give your caps a dynamic look.

We also link red with danger, so perhaps it’s the shade to use if you want to give your headwear an edge.


A colour of adventure and flamboyancy, orange is in many ways the ideal colour to use for outdoor headwear. Not only does it convey a message of individuality, but it has a practical advantage of being very visible – perfect in dark or foggy conditions.

This is the colour to use for brands that want to appear vibrant, zestful and a little different to the norm.


Bright and eye-catching, yellow is a colour that usually makes us feel happy and fresh. It can be associated with positive thinking and idealism, so it may help your brand come across as one with high ambitions, and not afraid of out-of-the-box thinking.

Yellow is also often seen as a colour of wisdom, making it a great colour choice for the discerning cap wearer.


We use the word ‘green’ as a synonym for eco-friendly, so if you want your brand to give off a message that it is in tune with the environment and follows ethical practices, this is the most obvious choice of colour.

Similarly to white, green can also be a colour of balance and calmness. Using it may help you form a brand with a fresh, clean image.


Blue is often seen as a ‘safe’ colour. If you want it to be obvious that your caps are linked to your business, blue can convey ‘corporate’ values.

That’s not to say that blue cannot be used to stimulate thoughts of creativity and leisure. Moreover, it can suggest trust, honesty and strength, so it might be a great choice of colour if you’re looking to achieve a sense of brand loyalty and unity.


Due to its connection with royalty, purple is often used to give a sense of something being the very best. Use purple to convey that you are a luxury brand.

Alternatively, the vibrancy of the colour can be used to hint at creativity and innovation. Like black, it often appeals to younger generations.


Traditionally, pink is seen as feminine, but this has changed somewhat in recent years. The colour has started working its way into men’s fashion, and it often crops up in modern football kits for some of the world’s biggest clubs.

Pink is a colour of warmth and hope, so in branding, it can have a similar utopian effect to yellow. Use it if you want to suggest that your brand is friendly and accommodating.


Thanks mainly to the precious metal that takes its colour, gold has an even greater effect than purple when it comes to conveying luxury. If overused, it can begin to suggest extravagance, although this is something some brands and customers might not see as a bad thing.


Too much brown in branding can begin to look dull, but if used wisely, it’s a colour of strength and reliability. What’s more, it makes us think of comfort, which is perfect for an item you want people to wear.

Brown can also be used to achieve a vintage effect.


In the same way as brown, grey might initially make us think of drab and boring situations. However, it’s a good choice if you want your caps to look understated, yet professional. The colour is also a good backdrop for any designs or logos you might have elsewhere on the cap.

Of course, while it’s a good idea to read up on what colours can achieve, and to stick to a maximum of two or three, rules are there to be broken. It might be the case that you have simply found a great combination of colours that, for whatever reason, sum up the exact message you are trying to get across.

If you have an idea, and would like to see how it would look on a legendary Flexfit Snapback, Flexfit 110 or any other of our caps, get in touch with our sales team. We can turn your vision into a reality, and assist with any design tips you might be need.

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