No need for radical cap therapy ideas with Yupoong Snapbacks

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There are some myths about what you should do with a new Yupoong/Flexfit Snapback cap. The truth is that all that you need to do with a new Snapback is to put it on and adjust the snapback to fit comfortably.

Hot water

Some people believe that a cotton or wool blend cap will shrink over time because of the moisture from their head sweating. To accelerate the process of shrinking, they soak the crown in hot water then put the hat on until it dries. Alternately they wear the cap in a hot shower, then keep the hat on until it is dry.

It is unlikely that Yupoong Snapbacks will shrink, and even if they do, this is unlikely to be an issue as the snapback mechanism can be adjusted to make it fit better. In any case, there’s no need for soaking the cap in hot water.

When the cap feels too small

If the snapback feels a little small, don’t follow the advice from someone on the internet who suggested cutting the sweatband at the back of the hat to loosen it.

Another action sometimes rumoured to make the cap fit is to put the hat on your knee with the visor facing you. Grab the visor and pull it whilst pushing the hat outwards with the knee. When you hear a loud pop, this means that the stitching has come apart and the hat is bigger.

Both these ways of making the cap larger are nonsense as Yupoong Flexfit Snapbacks adjust to any head size without resorting to damaging the cap. If you have a larger than average head, the cap will not feel too small once it has been adjusted to fit.

Shaping the visor

Some people believe that you need to bend the cap every day for a number of days to get the perfect curve on the visor. Other people recommend sticking the visor in a coffee mug (without the coffee) overnight. You can curve the visor around a drinks can secured with rubber bands and leave it for a few hours.

Thanks to Yupoong’s Permacurve technology, none of these methods are needed. The curve of the visor will retain its shape every time you put your cap on.

At Flexfit, we recommend that you simply put on your Yupoong Snapbacks without doing anything to them. Enjoy the extreme comfort of their fit and stylish looks without resorting to any of the above gimmicks.

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