Outlining the values of Yupoong Flexfit

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Businesses need to make a profit, but profit should not be the only reason to be in business. Yupoong Flexfit is successful global business, but we do not sacrifice principles for profit, and there are certain values under which we operate.

Fashionable and long lasting

Yupoong has been making Flexfit headwear for over 40 years and we have built a reputation for creating premium brands of baseball-style hats and other headwear.

There is an attitude among some clothes wearers to wear what is fashionable a few times then throw it away as out of date. They seem to regard fashion like food that has a use-by date.

Baseball caps have been around for decades. Once they were mainly worn by baseball players, then by American farm workers and truckers. In the 1990s, they were adopted by the hip-hop community. Dad hats, as their name suggests, were worn by middle aged fathers.

Something revolutionary happened after the 1990s, whereby people began to see that baseball style hats were for them, whoever they might be. It now appears that almost everyone is wearing baseball hats, from teenage skateboarders to elderly politicians. Caps have evolved into a timeless fashion item that never seems to go out of date.

There is no reason to throw away a baseball cap because it has gone out of fashion. However, cheap brands of baseball caps will not wear well and will need to be thrown away when they become shabby.

Yupoong makes caps that are durable, built from quality components to last a long time. We want your caps to grow old with you.

Of course, you may choose to buy more than one Yupoong Flexfit cap, as there are so many variations on the baseball style hat with various colours, fabrics, and patterns. If you cannot decide which one to buy, purchase several for wearing with different outfits.


Many people buy headwear solely because of how it looks on them. Flexfit cap wearers like to look good, but they also want a cap that is very practical. People who are into extreme sports and want a hat to stay on their head when moving fast. Baseball caps should fit well, but without sacrificing comfort.

Yupoong has developed a number of innovative technologies that add to the practical benefits of the caps. Sweatbands keep the head dry, preventing moisture and odour. Visors maintain their shape either curved or straight.

The environment

Yupoong Flexfit is aware of threats to the environment. We use materials for headwear that conform or exceed international environmental standards. Our factories do their utmost not to pollute the atmosphere.

Choose Yupoong Flexfit

Yupoong’s values are to produce premium products at value-for-money prices that are stylish, extremely practical and do not harm the planet.

You may buy Yupoong Flexfit headwear because you support our values, or you may simply want the best quality baseball style caps that make you look good.

At Yupoong, we welcome enquiries about buying caps wholesale or creating your own branded custom caps.

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