Pow! Wow! School of music

POW WOW School of Music - Banner 090416

Flexfit were happy to team up with Pow! Wow! Hawaii to present the 2nd annual Pow! Wow! School of Music.

Pow! Wow! School of music concentrates on the musical talent of Hawaii’s local youth, providing opportunities for those aged 13-18. Young musicians are able to take classes in a variety of subjects and instruments, these classes range from composition, vocals, percussion, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass, recording, performance and the music business. All classes are given by teachers and music industry professionals as well as local and national musicians. Students are able to collaborate with each other to create their own original music which they can later perform at Pow Wow’s closing night festivities.

Enjoy the photos taken by John Pangilinan.

Visit b-a-s-e-c-a-m-p.com for more photos.

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