Product Review: Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback Cap

Flexfit 110 snapback

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Product Review: Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback Cap

A great cap really makes you stand out from the crowd, and there are few caps better than the Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback cap. This classic snapback has all the features you’d expect from a Flexfit, along with some unexpected aspects that you may not have considered. Flexfit is continually looking to raise the bar with its hat designs, and this one is no exception.


Classic style and contemporary technology

The classic snapback cap is a design standard. It’s a design that has conquered the globe and can be seen everywhere from the street to the sports field, in music videos and on the catwalk. It’s the cap that’s launched a thousand brands, and more often than not, those caps have been made by Flexfit.

Why? It’s simple. Few other brands are quite so committed to raising the bar when it comes to innovation. You might think that a cap is a fairly simple piece of design technology, but Flexfit has found countless ways to improve on that classic design. We’ve done it without compromising on the classic look, feel and shape of the snapback cap, making a cap that’s both contemporary and classic.

While other brands conclude that the classic cap cannot be improved upon, Flexfit is always asking what might be possible. This commitment to driving things forward has laid down a challenge to the rest of the industry, and that is nowhere more apparent than the Flexfit 110.

If you’re looking for a classic snapback with the very latest innovations, then look no further than the Flexfit 110.


Simple sizing and a range of colours

The Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback Cap features a snapback closure in matching colours. Sizing is easy, and the cap comfortably fits most heads, with the snapback closure allowing for easy adjustment.

The cap is all about bold, simple statements, and the colour range underlines that with simple grey, black, black/grey, khaki, navy and maroon options available. The design and high profile of the cap make it an ideal choice if you’re looking for customisation.

The Flexfit 110 is a popular choice for sports teams, individuals and as workwear. It’s a great hat for marketing giveaways, and its tough design means it’s likely to last the course. If you give your clients a Flexfit 110, its good looks and durable design mean it’s a hat they’re going to want to keep wearing.


Outstanding features.

The Flexfit 110 is a cap that’s built to last without compromising on style and comfort. Incorporating the original Flexfit® Tech and adjustable back combination, it guarantees a perfect fit.

The Flexfit 110 is soft to the touch and is made from a premium wool blend fabric. As well as being soft, it’s also strong and fully structured, incorporating hard buckram where it’s needed most. The cap is constructed from 6 panels and the flat visor features 8-row stitching.

It’s these small details that combine to create a cap that really stands out from the crowd.


Premium quality 

Flexfit caps are of premium quality with the Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback Cap being no exception. All of the components are of the highest quality and Flexfit has always placed the emphasis on craftsmanship. When you opt for a Flexfit 110 you are guaranteed a hat that will stand the test of time as well as being comfortable and stylish.


Explore the Flexfit range

The Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback Cap is part of the extensive Flexfit range available in the Flexfit online shop. This classic snapback is a real stand-out design, but there are plenty of other options available.

With Flexfit you’re guaranteed a durable and stylish cap, combined with great customer service.

Why not check out the Flexfit range available online today?

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