Profit from the Flexfit Hats Wholesale Programme

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The headwear industry is worth around £3bn a year. The Flexfit Hats Wholesale Programme is your opportunity to share in the success of this sector.

Some hats such as sun hats are seasonal, but the advantage of baseball hats is that they are worn all year round. You can sell them either online or from a shop

Why Flexfit?

There are many baseball cap manufacturers that will sell you wholesale caps, but the advantage of Flexfit is that we make premium quality caps. The question to ask is would you rather sell cheap poor quality caps or go for a quality brand? If you want to be in business for the long term, it is better to go for quality.

Flexfit is a long established and trusted brand. Our caps come with the Flexfit sticker that guarantees they are built with the best materials, are strong, and will last. They also come with Flexfit’s unique technology such as Permcurve to keep the visors in shape and systems to prevent the build-up of sweat.

Many of your customers will be concerned about the environment, so it is good to know that Flexfit is passionate about these issues. We carefully source materials that conform with or exceed international environmental standards, and our factories have technology to prevent pollution.

Blank caps

Blank Flexfit caps are non-custom caps which you can buy in bulk for resale. Although all Flexfit caps are recognisably baseball caps, there are many style variations to suit the different customer tastes. For instance, the Delta cap has a stitchless smoother look, the Trucker hat has the distinctive mesh sides that let in air and the 110 Caps have adjustable snapbacks that fit all head sizes. No matter what style is chosen, every Flexfit cap fits comfortably on the head and will not fall off when playing sport or exercising.

Blank caps are available in a variety of colours, either one colour or two-tone with a contrasting shade of visor and crown.

Custom caps

Many of your customers don’t want a plain cap, but ones with distinctive designs printed or embroidered on them. The Flexfit Hats Wholesale Programme team is here to help you produce unique caps with your own custom graphics or text.

To get started in the hat business, talk to us at Flexfit. We want you to be a successful Flexfit hat seller.

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