Raise brand awareness with a Yupoong Custom Snapback

Yupoong Custom Snapback

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Giving away banded products is a great way to raise brand awareness. A Yupoong Snapback cap with a company or organisation logo gets your brand noticed.

Why the snapback?

A snapback hat has an adjustable strap or “snap” at the rear of the cap. This means that one cap size can be adjusted to fit all head sizes. The advantage of this for custom caps is that a business does not have to know the head size of the person that receives the cap. This one-size-fits-all approach does not sacrifice comfort, as all Yupoong caps are made to be extremely comfortable to wear.

The Yupoong Snapback is a classic cap with five to seven panels and the distinctive Flexfit visor. It comes in a range of colours and fabrics.


Brands only want to partner with other quality brands. Yupoong Custom Snapbacks are premium quality caps made to last, look good and be practical. Needless to say, brands are happy to be associated with these stylish caps.


Customising a snapback cap makes them unique. Any design can be printed on them, or for a more luxury look, add an embroidered logo.


A Yupoong Custom Snapback is like a walking advertising billboard. If your customers have a positive attitude to your brand, they will gladly walk around wearing branded hats that advertise your company.

Employees working in public areas may like to wear your custom caps too.


Compared to other branded products like cheap pens or notepads, snapback hats cost a little mpre, but they can be a much better investment. A Yupoong Custom Snapback is valued as a quality hat rather than a cheap giveaway product.

Psychologists talk about the law of reciprocity, which simply means that if I receive a gift from you, I am more likely to want to give something back. In the case of branded business products, the person receiving the cap wants to give something back to you, which is to become a new customer, or if already a client, to place a repeat order for goods or services.

How to generate income from the Yupoong Custom Snapback

If you have a high profile logo, people will be willing to purchase your branded snapback hats. Elon Musk sold baseball hats with his Boring Company logo on them for $20 each. In December 2017, it was estimated that he had sold $700,000 worth of his caps. The Boring Company was formed to develop a network of underground traffic tunnels to relieve traffic congestion in Los Angeles. No tunnels have been built so far under the city and the Boring Company has not generated revenue from the tunnels, but is thought to have raised $1m simply from the sale of hats.

For further information on the Yupoong Custom Snapback program, talk to a member of the team who will assist you in creating your own branded snapback caps. We’re proud to share our headwear knowledge and expertise with you.

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