Flexfit Overseas Programme

Supplying bespoke services and products to many of the worlds leading brands

with outstanding technologies and professional expertise, Yupoong Flexfit have been on the forefront on developing trends in the global marketplace

For decades, Yupoong has been the leading manufacturer of headwear all around the world. At Flexfit, we are confident in saying we can offer the best in bespoke headwear while providing unbeatable service. Our reputation has been gained from a highly inventive and innovative approach to everything from product development and technology, to communication and service. With a custom overseas program in place, our bespoke caps can be fully customised to the highest standards. The only limit on personalisation is your imagination.
Trims, accessories, fabrics and color finishes can be created to exacting specifications and seasonal concepts Service. Our team of in-house designers can provide value added support with concept designs. This will no doubt help buyers looking for a few pointers in developing their exclusive headwear collection. Express yourself with our fully customised bespoke service.

Designed to help you create your own unique collection of headwear, it’s time to set your own standard of style. Personalise subtle features such as Inner tape, labelling and branding. Make a bold statement by having fabrics or signature fabrics developed especially for you – or material and components developed by your approved vendor. Our Customised service is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, this is the bespoke service you can expect from the world’s most advance headwear company

Realtime Communication With a team of professionals in European, Middle East, Indian and Russian offices, we can provide customer service and assistance as and when required.

MOQ – Leadtimes Our minimum order quantity is 576 PC (48 DZ) / Style.

Proto sample: Please allow three weeks, or four weeks for a salesman sample.

Bulk production: Please allow 10 to 12 weeks.

Quotation: Simply provide us with your design (in PDF or Illustrator format) and we will quote you a price based on it.

Design Programme

Express yourself with our bespoke service. Designed to help you create your own unique collection of headwear, it’s time to set your own standard of style. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Range of styles

We have given birth to 5 unique styles of baseball caps and named these FLEXFIT, 110, 210, CLASSICS. We welcome FLEXFIT DELTA (the latest addition) to the Yupoong family. We invite you to discover our range of bespoke caps

Production facilities

Aiming to focus above the regulated international standards, Yupoong Inc has developed and advanced manufacturing facility to achieve superior standards to comply with the regulations of the international labour law.