Six reasons why the Yupoong 110 Snapback is a great running hat


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Running or jogging is a great way to keep fit and stay in shape. Many runners like to wear the Yupoong’s Flexfit 110 Snapback when on the run, and there are six main reasons why this is such a suitable piece of headwear.

1. Stays on the head

The adjustable strap of the 110 Snapback automatically adjusts to fit all head sizes. They will not fall off when jogging fast or in high winds. A hat flying off in the breeze is a runner’s nightmare that is avoided by the snug-fitting 110 Snapbacks. The caps fit well and are very comfortable to wear.

2. Keeps you cool and protects you from the elements

Yupoong/Flexfit caps draw perspiration from the head, and the sweatbands prevent the build-up of moisture and odour.

The caps shield the face and head from the harsh rays of the sun. Yupoong 110 Snapbacks keep the head dry in the rain, and also they are not designed for full rain protection in a heavy storm, they are perfect for light rain.

3. Controls hair

If you have long hair, it can get in the way when jogging if it is not tied back. The 110 Snapback hat can easily keep the hair in place, and a ponytail can be threaded through the back to keep it out of the way of your face.

4. Aerodynamics

Drag is an issue for cyclists who wear special aerodynamically shaped helmets, while swimmers shave their heads or wear tight-fitting caps to make them more aerodynamic. This is not an issue for most runners, as wearing aerodynamically shaped hats does not make much difference.

If you are running to beat a time record, the shape of the 110 may shave fractions of a second off your time. It certainly will not slow you down, so why not give it a go.

5. Looks good

How you look plays a psychological role in how you perform in sport. Looking good increases confidence. Knowing that your hat keeps you dry and cool, and your hair controlled, allows you to focus on pushing yourself to go faster or further.

6. Durable

You need a running hat that is built to last and made from premium materials. The Yupoong 110 Snapback is made from quality materials and built to exacting manufacturing processes that prevent defects. The caps are designed for hours upon hours of running.

For athletes, the quality of their running gear is important, from the running shoes to the shorts, tops and finally hat on the head. Yupoong 110 Snapback caps are the ideal headwear for runners.

At Flexfit, we recommend you don’t only wear your 110 Snapback for running. They are stylish hats to wear when exercising or relaxing, They look great with a running outfit, but are equally good with casual streetwear, or even more formal shirts and trousers.

If you are a member of a running team, Yupoong’s Flexfit 110 Snapback can be customised by having your team badge printed or embroidered on them.

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