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You don’t have to be in the military, or of a hunting background, to like wearing the Yupoong Camo cap. These make for stylish fashionwear for all types of people – young, old, active or relaxed.

Camouflage was used by the military during World War I. As early as 1919, camo started appearing on civilian clothing and is now extremely popular with Yupoong cap wearers.

Cutting-edge camo styles

Short for ‘camouflage’, camo patterns are traditionally designed to conceal hunters and the military. Conversely, people who wear Yupoong Camo caps today usually want the opposite – to be noticed wearing a distinctive and stylish item

Yupoong makes caps in several camo fabrics:

• True Timber patterns were originally designed for wearers to blend in with wood and forest environments. Their distinctive brown and grey patterns stand out in the urban or rural environment.
• The Retro Yupoong Classic Trucker Hat Camo has distinctive mesh side panels and a classic military camo design. The side panels provide ventilation to keep the head cooler on hot days.
• The Yupoong Classics Snapback 2-Tone Camo has a classic camo pattern on the crown with a plain black visor. The snapback mechanism means that one size of cap adjusts to any head size.
• The Flexfit Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades is a design that looks like trees, branches and leaves. It is available in large and small sizes suitable for young people.
• The Flexfit Mossy Oak Infinity is a large hat that offers a variation on the wood-style pattern.
• The Flexfit Mossy Oak Break Up has a moss oak pattern that is a shade darker than other moss oak designs.
• Last but not least, the Flexfit Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades has a distinctive brown grass blade pattern.

Impeccable quality

Like all Yupoong caps, our Camos are premium quality products. Yupoong uses top class materials and fabrics in their construction, and also makes sure that all materials and production processes are environmentally friendly, conforming to and often exceeding internationally agreed standards.

The ‘Zero-Defect’ manufacturing process means that caps are made extremely well made and will last a long time when worn regularly. Camo caps can be worn all day long; they are extremely comfortable and help keep the head and face cool and dry on hot days.

Innovative technology means that visors keep their shapes. Sweatbands absorb moisture and prevent odours.

Yupoong’s philosophy is to make premium quality caps that look stylish, are ethically well made and are extremely practical.

Why Camo?

There are many styles of baseball caps available. Most are in plain classic colours, but many people want a cap that looks different and stands out from the crowd. Camo fabrics have many fans who love their reference to the great outdoors. They can be matched with different outfit styles to create a distinctive smart casual look.

There is no typical Yupoong Camo hat wearer. They are worn by the old and the young, and both people with traditional views and those with a more modern outlook.

If you love Camo designs, try on a Yupoong Camo hat. They are available at leading clothing and sportswear stores.

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