Stand out from the crowd in the Flexfit Delta hat

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The baseball cap has been popular for over one hundred years. There are many baseball caps that you can buy that are similar to the ones worn by baseball players in the early 20th Century. The Flexfit Delta hat is different. It is based on the classic baseball cap design, but with significant differences that make this hat stand out from the crowd.

Where’s the stitching?

When many people see a Flexfit Delta Carbon hat for the first time, they ask ”where’s the stitching?” Though, like most baseball caps, the Delta has crown panels, there is no visible stitching that attaches them together. The Delta hat has very thin seams between the panels but no stitches, which gives it a lighter and smoother look.

The tapes

If you look inside the hat, you can see the tapes that attach the panels. These tapes are extremely flat when compared to the tape inside most baseball caps and this helps make the Delta hat very comfortable to wear.


The first thing that wearers notice when they put on a Delta hat from the first time is how snug it feels. Many people report that the Delta is the most comfortable baseball hat they have ever worn, and leave their Delta hat on all day.

The sweatband

The sweatband directs moisture to the underside of the visor, which has a special smooth service to deflect sweat away from the head to keep you cool and dry.

Custom Delta hats

The stitchless panels and thin inside tape makes the Delta ideal for embroidering to make custom hats. Delta caps look especially stylish with 3D embroidered designs. They make great promotional headwear for businesses, sports teams and attractions to sell as souvenirs.


Delta hats are available in white, black, grey, silver and red. They are worn by fashion-conscious wearers who want a hat that looks different, has great style and goes with a number of looks, from casual to smart. They are popular with active people to wear while playing sport and exercising, but also look good on social occasions for wearers who want to be seen in a more distinctive baseball hat that has a smoother lighter look.

After wearing a Delta hat, most people don’t want to go back to an ordinary cap. They love the sense of feeling special when wearing the Flexfit Delta.

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