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YP Snapback Classics

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The YP Classics Snapback we proudly bring to you today is more than 40 years in the making, and is a truly iconic piece of headwear that ensures no matter who you are or what your style, you can look the part while feeling confident and cool.

If you’re unsure what to expect from a Snapback, this article looks at the anatomy of this distinctive and timeless style of hat.

The closure

With headwear, it’s unusual for the first part to grab your attention to be the closure option at the back. With the Snapback though, this is what gives it both its name and its identity, so it’s what we should look at first.

On Snapbacks, a plastic band can be found at the back of the cap with several notches and holes to slot them into. When you fix or detach them, the cap makes a loud snapping sound, hence the name ‘Snapback’.

In most cases, Yupoong Classics Snapbacks come with seven of these notches, allowing you to tighten or loosen the cap as you see fit, and accommodating a variety of head sizes. The adjustable nature also means you can alter the notch you use in keeping with such factors as changes of hairstyle, or if you simply like to wear it looser on some days than others.

The peak

Coming round to the front of the cap, our Snapbacks come with the patented Permacurve peak, which allows for the ultimate in shaping and customisation. The special technology behind the peak means that you can repeatedly bend or adjust it and, unlike with many other caps, it won’t lose shape as you do so.

A curved peak can not only keep you looking chic, but can also ensure your visor is in just the right position to shield the sun from your eyes.

Multiple-shaped crown

Snapbacks have a certain style, but at Flexfit, we’re always keen to customise them to match exactly what you’re looking for. One example of this is the crown of the cap, which comes in a variety of shapes, ranging from round and smooth, to a more boxy look.

Panel options

Our Snapback caps usually feature six panels, giving them a neat, symmetrical look. However, we also have options available with five and seven panels if you’re looking for something a little different.

You might want to change the consistency of the panels too. A popular choice among the Snapback range is the trucker-style cap, on which the back four panels are mesh. Offering great breathability, it’s a look that’s become readily associated with punk and hip-hop culture.

The button

The piece de résistance on the Snapback cap is the top button that holds it all in place. Made from galvanised steel, you can see the metal of the button if you look into the cap from its underside, and will notice the distinctive Yupoong logo embossed onto it.

All of these features make Snapbacks a popular and unmistakeable choice, from their immediate aesthetics, down to the nuances of how they feel upon your head.

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