Flexfit 110® Caps

Adjustable Cap + Flexfit® Technology
Innovative Flexfit 110® mesh cap intelligently engineered to be comfortably fit 10 head sizes

Finding the perfect fitting cap is never easy, but at Flexfit we aim to make it easier. Our commitment to design innovation and engineering excellence means that we’re always striving to take comfort to the next level.

We’ve applied serious scientific research to creating award-winning, well-loved caps that meet the needs of every kind of wearer. Whether you’re looking for something for a corporate setting, the sporting field or the street, our designs are leading the way. When you put on a Flexfit cap, you know it will feel as good as looks.

We’ve taken our commitment to intelligent design and maximum comfort to the next level with our innovative Flexfit 110® cap. This stunning cap has been intelligently engineered to comfortably fit 10 head sizes without the need to adjust the fit manually. Your hat is ready to go as soon as you have it in your hands.

Raising the bar on comfort

Our innovative Flexfit 110® cap is intelligently engineered and raises the bar on comfort. We understand some people have found it difficult to find a cap that fits them properly, leading to a less than satisfactory experience. The Flexfit 110® cap addresses that problem with smart design and construction techniques that set a new standard. 

The ultimate one size fits all cap 

The Flexfit 110® snapback takes the brilliant simplicity of a Classic adjustable hat and then combines it with standard-setting, Flexfit technology. By using innovative 360-degree technology and scientific construction techniques it can comfortably fit 10 different head sizes without the need to adjust the strap manually. This industry-leading hybrid cap is a pioneer, designed to ensure that it maintains structural integrity and endless wear. 

Built with over 45 years’ experience

YUPOONG® has more than 45 years’ experience in manufacturing adjustable caps of unparalleled quality. The Flexfit 110® hat is another step forward for the company as we strive to offer our customers caps that really set the standards above all especially when it comes to comfort and quality.

We have an unparalleled commitment to research, design and innovation which is why our caps are the favourite of leading brands, sportsmen and women, as well as countless individuals worldwide.

Create your perfect total comfort cap

Our smart, innovative one-sized caps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer unparalleled comfort. The Flexfit 110® mesh cap has boundless possibilities for customisation allowing you to create a cap that’s truly unique. It can accommodate snapbacks, leather straps, Velcro and buckles, meaning that you can choose the closure you prefer without compromise.

A cap that makes you feel good

The Flexfit 110® hat underlines our commitment to headwear that not only looks great, but that also makes you feel good. The comfortable fit allows the wearer to wear our caps for longer making them an essential accessory for everyday life. This is an expression of our commitment to enhancing the ‘emotional quotient’ of our caps.

We want everyone who chooses a Flexfit hat to feel good about their choice and to make us their first choice when it comes to stylish and comfortable headwear.

Excellence and ethics combined

Yupoong® places excellence at the heart of everything that we do. This applies right across the production process, from design to sourcing materials and the techniques that we adopt to create innovative, industry-leading Flexfit caps.

As well as the quality of the product, we’re committed to superior levels of customer service. When you place an order you can be assured of high-level communication throughout the process. We go above and beyond to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Not only do we emphasize quality, we also work to ensure that all of our products are made to the highest approved international working ethics.

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    For UK and European bulk orders, FF Headwear can provide our signature Flexfit 110® caps, custom-made, as part of our overseas programme. We can also provide our standard plain Flexfit 110® caps to UK and European markets as part of our blank cap programme.

    Alternatively, you can browse our online store to view the complete range of Flexfit 110® caps we have available as part of our cap wholesale UK and European program.

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