As pioneers of the “Emotional Quotient” of headwear, the goal of FLEXFIT has always been ambitious but simple – to be the most comfortable cap you can buy.

What really helps the perfect fit that comes with a Flexfit® Cap is the special technology at its core, like the way we’ve applied scientific construction to create headwear solutions for a variety of sizes. An innovative idea that revolutionized comfort and flexibility in headwear, it’s little surprise that the headwear industry has embraced this piece of patented technology. Our caps consider ergonomics and ground-breaking techniques, such as combining polyurethane and elastane to create a comfortable and highly effective sweatband. Better yet, thanks to the innovation of YUPOONG, special high-tech fabrics extend right through the cap’s crown, offering all head shapes and sizes a fit that looks and feels perfect. The comfort and security of our caps are such that each one has a custom-made feel. With internationally approved materials used throughout production and a zero-tolerance approach to harmful substances, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of headwear and achieve new goals. These range from keeping the wearer cool and dry regardless of the weather, to fending off mosquitos. Flexfit® Caps can be recognised by their distinctive labels, hangtags, peak stickers and specialist sweatband. At the front-central part of the crown, we use buckram to aid strength and style. It’s these special, high-quality touches that make Yupoong Family brand caps the first choice of so many reputable brands all over the world. We are all about customisation here at Flexfit too, with our caps available in styles from four to eight panels, and the unmistakable Flexfit peak able to be adjusted or curved time and time again without looking the worse for wear. This is all thanks to our use of Permacurv® – a special Yupoong-patented technology.