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Setting the standard for over four decades
The Classics Yupoong® – 46 years of tradition

Yupoong® has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing snapback caps of unparalleled quality.  Yupoong Classics is a name that’s synonymous with a unique approach to quality, innovation and style across the headwear industry.

Our one-size YP Classics Snapbacks have stood the test of time and are available in a stunning range of different styles and shapes.

From our YP Classics Premium Snapback to YP Classic Retro Trucker and YP Classics Jockey Caps, we combine classic style with innovation to create products that can be relied upon. It’s the attention to detail, bespoke quality, and perfect fit that make our caps so popular, versatile and unique. Classic Yupoong hats never compromise on quality.

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A sustainable approach

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change, at Yupoong® we’ve taken practical steps to make a real difference.

We have developed a range of environment-friendly caps made from sustainable fabrics that either meet or exceed the most stringent standards.

Our Rescued + Renewed cap range takes this a step further by using recycled plastic to create materials with which to manufacture our caps.

When you purchase a cap from Yupoong®, you can be sure that it won’t cost the earth.


How our classic Yupoong® snapbacks are made

Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.

Classic Yupoong hats are built on intense attention to detail. We begin the process of creating our caps by inspecting and cutting the fabric. The panels are cut using hydraulic machines that create a consistent end result.

The stitching process begins by machine stitching the front panels, with the crown and visor stitched simultaneously and ready to be added later. Another layer of fusing fabric might be added to the back of the front panel to give the cap the raised shape of its crown.

It’s at this stage that the front panel is embroidered with individual graphics and logos using high-tech digital techniques. The logos and designs you choose are what make your classic cap unique, and you can be confident that we can apply your designs accurately and effectively.

Next, the eyelets are machine punched in the panels to allow for proper air circulation, which reduces the build-up of heat beneath the cap. Fabric tapes are added into the seams from the inside which ensures that there are no exposed edges inside the cap.

The visor is made by stitching two fabric panels to create a pocket and turning them inside out. Our unique Permacurv® visor insert is placed in between the fabric to create a stiff visor which is then sealed from the hem. Depending on the particular requirements of the design, the visor can be rigid using our Permacurv® technology or soft using our Flexible visor technology. Automatic stitching machines will then complete the visor to ensure the highest quality finish. It’s then attached and stitched to the crown.

All that’s left to do is attach the sweatband to the base of the crown with a decorative topstitch. A cloth snap is added to the top of the cap where the panel seams converge and an adjustable closure is added at the back. This can be fabric or plastic depending on the design.


To complete and fix the shape of the cap, they are then steamed on a blocking machine. This gives the cap a greater lifespan, guaranteeing they keep its shape and integrity for longer.

Whether you’re looking for a Yupoong® classic snapback or want Yupoong® trucker hats for your brand, you can be guaranteed the same high level of manufacturing detail throughout. Each Yupoong® classic hat is created with the same attention to detail.


Styles & Shapes

YP classic snapbacks are available in a range of different styles and shapes to suit your needs:

  • LYP – is our classic shape and has a street and action-centric look. The high profile and 3¾” crown allow plenty of space for embroidery and applications.
  • AJ – is a classic high-profile design that’s used for snapbacks. Featuring a 3.46″ crown. It’s a design that’s stood the test of time.
  • J – this style of cap is the traditional on-field baseball cap shape and it can be fitted onto 210 different fitted hats. With a high profile, it has a 3.07″ crown.
  • YP – another great street and action-centric look this time for snapbacks. With its high profile and 3.35″ crown, it allows plenty of room for embroidery.
  • Arch – this distinctively shaped cap has an arched single front panel that makes a perfect canvas for larger embellishments.
  • Dress -This high-profile vintage shape has a 3.66″ crown and is typically used for trucker caps.


Quality & Fit

With our technical know-how and creative experience, we have amassed over more than four decades in the sector. Classic Yupoong® caps and hats are created to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers. We put quality into every detail.

The innovative engineering methods that we use mean that our caps are hardwearing, look great and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Made for customisation and perfect for your brand, our caps perform as well on the wilderness trails as they do on the sports field or out on the street.

Yupoong® Classic caps and hats are always ahead of the competition and you can be too. Take a look at our range and find your perfect fit today!

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