Swap the bar for the gym with Flexfit baseball caps


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Many millennials are spending their spare time lifting bars rather than ordering drinks at them, and wear Flexfit baseball hats when they workout.

Traditionally, many young people’s socialising revolves around the bar, but a new trend is to spend less time drinking and more time working out. Many pubs have closed, but gym membership is growing. There is also a boom in products associated with sport such as sports nutrition, sportswear and baseball hats.

Sharing exercise

Not all gym activity is done alone. A recent import to Europe from the USA is Sweat Crawl, where people come with their friends for a day at the gym. They take several half-hour fitness classes back to back, then spend time in the cafe eating healthy foods. In the evening they may wind down with a glass of prosecco, but the emphasis is on health rather than alcohol.

Young people like to share their lives on social media. Instagram has a large number of photos taken in gyms. Media influencers give advice on exercising and the best gym clothing and accessories

Millennials usually love gadgets too and they have embraced fitness technology. An example is the Apple watch, which has a fitness app where you can set exercise goals, how many steps to walk, how long to exercise. The watch reminds you if you are falling short of your goals at any time. It also measures the heart rate. Wearers share their fitness data with their online friends.

Looking good while exercising

Many gym-goers are particular about the shorts and tops they wear, and of course love Flexfit baseball caps. Plain or branded custom basketball caps look stylish in the gym.

Flexfit baseball hats are practical as well as good-looking. If worn when exercising, they won’t fall off and are very comfortable to wear. The sweatband stops the build-up of moisture to keep the head cool and dry.

Not everyone likes to wear a hat when exercising. Flexfit baseball caps create a sporting look when arriving at the gym and are ideal for wearing at the cafe or bar with friends after a vigorous workout.

Both male and female gym members wear Flexfit baseball caps as part of their sporting outfits. Enterprising gyms sell their own branded Flexfit baseball caps to their members to make them look good and show their loyalty to the gym brand.

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