Flexfit Technology

Developing future generation of innovative technologies is in our DNA

with outstanding technologies and professional expertise, Yupoong Flexfit have been on the forefront on developing trends in the global market place

A company known for never settling on traditional, old-fashioned solutions, the roots of Yupoong’s innovation were in basic sketches and out-of-the-box thinking. It all centred on poly-weave elastane fabric, which is now the framework of the internationally recognised FLEXFIT cap.

The idea has gone through a number of patents and developments over the years, which is why we thought it would be great to have a section of the website dedicated to FLEXFIT technology. Here, you can see the ideas we integrate into our caps, and how they help every headwear item we produce to fulfil its aim.

With Yupoong a name synonymous with creativity, we think it is important that we continue to focus on pushing the boundary of headwear technology. That’s why we’re developing everything from mosquito-repelling fabrics, to odour-reducing materials, to technologies that respond to their climate. We’re even working on products to aid your immune system.

Design Programme

Express yourself with our bespoke service. Designed to help you create your own unique collection of headwear, it’s time to set your own standard of style. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, this is the bespoke service.

Range of Styles

We have given birth to 5 unique styles of baseball caps and named these FLEXFIT, 110, 210, CLASSICS and welcome FLEXFIT DELTA (the latest addition) to the Yupoong family. We invite you to discover our range of bespoke caps.

Production Facilities

Aiming to focus above the regulated international standards, Yupoong Inc has developed and advanced manufacturing facility to achieve superior standards to comply with the regulations of the international labour law.