The benefits of the Flexfit Blank Caps Programme


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The Flexfit Blank Caps Programme is for retailers, online stores, wholesalers and branding companies. Select the style and quantities, then the Flexfit team will dispatch blank caps usually within 48 hours.

Our reputation

Yupoong/Flexfit have been making headwear for over 40 years and have built a reputation for making premium quality, value for money hats. The Flexfit brand is well known and trusted. Flexfit cap wearers know that Flexfit caps are well made, strong, fit well and are very practical caps.

Stockists of Flexfit caps know that the caps sell well to appreciative customers. The baseball-style cap market is a crowded one with many manufacturers competing for attention. Some compete by offering low-cost, but inferior quality caps, others take the opposite route, charging very high prices for caps that have a designer name printed on them but may not be the best quality caps.

Flexfit’s philosophy is to produce premium quality caps that incorporate unique technology, such as Permacurve that keeps visors in shape and sweatbands that prevent the build-up of sweat and odour. Our caps are sold at prices that enable retailers to make a healthy profit and consumers to see them as value-for-money caps.

Many people love Flexfit caps and appreciate that quality clothing costs a little extra, which they don’t mind paying. In the long-term, Flexfit caps can work out cheaper because they last a lot longer than poorly made caps.

Branding Flexfit blank caps

Branding companies can print or embroider images and text onto blank caps to customise them. They can offer these services to businesses that want promotional items that contain their brand logo. Sports teams order customised Flexfit caps to sell to their fans and be worn by team members.

Some branding firms offer a service for people to create their own designs to be included on exclusive caps.

Alternatively, the custom design team at Flexfit will help design custom caps and produce them for an organisation.

Partner with Flexfit

If you would like to partner with Flexfit, contact our team to discuss ordering Flexfit blank caps. Discuss with them the style, fabric, and colour choices that are available. Minimum orders are low, so it is not expensive to buy a few to test out your market. At Flexfit, we will help you sell your caps by providing point of sales materials that promote your Flexfit blank caps.

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