The best Flexfit baseball caps for 2022

Flexfit Baseball Caps
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Despite changing fashions, baseball caps have stood the test of time. The designs, materials and technology used to create the caps we wear today have evolved significantly over the decades, but they still reflect the same classic style. 

The Flexfit range of baseballs caps uses innovative modern manufacturing techniques combined with classic style. Our selection is extensive and ever-changing, reflecting new trends and the shifting requirements of our customers.

2022 promises to be an exciting year for Flexfit as we expand our offer even further.

Here we’ll take a quick dive into our range to find out what makes it stand out from the competition, identifying what you should be wearing during the coming months.


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Flexfit is our flagship cap and continues to grow in popularity. It’s the watchword in classic style, innovative design and ultimate utility. It carries the torch from our original stretch-fit headband that was first introduced in 1994. Over the next three decades, it has become a favourite across urban, lifestyle and sports markets.

In 2022, we’ve looked to build on this strong tradition while continuing to modernise, innovate and expand.

The Flexfit cap keeps things simple without compromising on style, design features and manufacturing techniques.

The Flexfit Wooly Cap is our all-time best selling cap and it’s set to continue its dominance this year. The simple woolly combed cap makes for effortless style and complete versatility. It redefines the classic baseball cap status with wool-like fabric. Despite its cool simplicity, it combines the original Flexfit® technology that gives it the edge over the competition. With six panels, it’s available in S/M L/XL sizes.

Active lifestyles need kit that can cope with the extra demands and the Flextfit® Ultrafibre Airmesh Cap is designed to do just that. It’s the perfect cap to wear during your workout when you’re out and about or want something that keeps you cool and the sun out of your eyes. The innovative Ultrafibre Technology keeps it robust, yet lightweight, and has added wind and water-resistant properties. The airmesh construction delivers enhanced breathability and comfort.

YP Classics® 

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YP Classics® look set to continue their popularity during 2022. Pairing authenticity with innovation and timeless design, they have a longstanding reputation for comfort and construction. The YP Classics®  range this year includes stunning designs that look as good on the street as the catwalk or in the workplace. The YP Classics® design has stood the test of time and showcases the craftsmanship we’ve been honouring for some time.   

The YP Classic Water Repellant Snapback is where classic design meets innovation. One size and available in three colour options, it’s your loyal companion in all kinds of weather. Great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and ready to resist those summer showers, it’s a great option for all kinds of wearers. With 6 panels and a high profile, it’s ready to be customised as you see fit.  

Flexfit 110® 

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We’re renowned for our commitment to comfort and versatility, and the Flexfit 110® range takes this to the next level with a game-changing hybrid approach. This combines the ease of an adjustable closure with the outstanding fit that only our Flexfit® Tech can deliver. It’s a cap that’s tuned for you, is great to wear and can adapt to any environment. It’s a great cap to be seen in during 2022 and offers some key personalisation benefits for anyone looking to make a wholesale purchase. Whatever you’re looking to promote, the Flexfit 110® is up to the task.   

The Flexfit 110®  Pro-Formance combines classic baseball cap style with groundbreaking technology. At Flexfit, we’re continually expanding the range of what’s possible when it comes to cap design, and the Pro-Formance cap is no exception. Made from a wool-like material, it’s both moisture-wicking as well as quick-drying. An adjustable closure makes it as comfortable to wear as it is stylish.   

For a truly sustainable and planet-friendly option, the Flexfit 110® Organic Option ticks all the boxes.  Made from organic cotton, biodegradable fibre and no toxic pesticides, it’s a natural option ideal for 2022. 

Flexfit 210® 

FF Headwear ffeu blog best caps 2022 900x320px f210

Taking style and simplicity to the next level is the refined shape and wool-blend fabric of our Flexfit 210® cap. With its classic on-field silhouette and our original Flexfit® Technology at its core, it demonstrates everything that’s great about the Flexfit approach. Comfortable and effortlessly stylish, it’s a great cap for a wide variety of different settings. This year the Flexfit 210® is available in two stunning options and a wide variety of colour choices.  

Flexfit Delta®

FF Headwear ffeu blog best caps 2022 900x320px delta

If you’re on the move and want to stay comfortable then our Flexfit Delta® has been designed with your needs in mind. With its comfortable feel, it has a light and sleek design that enables you to stay cool however active you want to be. To ensure it’s tough enough to keep pace with even your most vigorous workout, it incorporates a three-layer multifunctional sweatband and innovated stain-block technology. This absorbs sweat efficiently, diffusing it through the undervisor. The Flexfit Delta® range features four stunning designs which are ready-made for your next workout and into the future.   

The Flexfit Delta® carbon cap is our most innovative carbon cap. Available in a whole new array of colour options it’s fortified with a carbon fibre style grid that makes it stretchy and incredibly durable. With a no-seam construction and a sleek polished look, it’s a great cap for a wide-variety of leisure, work and fashion purposes.  


FF Headwear ffeu blog best caps 2022 900x320px multicam

Our innovative and technologically advanced Multicam® caps were created to limit the visual and near-infrared signature of a person who is operating in any environment, be that deep snow or the tropics. They’re built to withstand the most extreme elements giving you protection and comfort wherever you are. The Multicam® range of caps underlines the Flexfit commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to cap design, creating caps that can acclimate to wherever your adventure takes you.   

YP Classics® Multicam® COBRA® quick-release Retro Trucker cap is a fantastic option for a range of purposes. Featuring camouflage patterns that are matched with our advanced Multicam® webbing, it features a high-quality locking mechanism for ultimate comfort. With six panels, a curved visor and a mid-sized profile, it’s a classic design that makes a real statement.   


Camouflage designs and caps have long gone together. They not only make an urban fashion statement, but they’re also highly practical. Designed to conceal the wearer in a variety of different landscapes and environments, our Kryptek® range exude the power of stealth and confidence. Designed for outdoor adventure, our innovative Kryptek® technology and cap patterns have been tested and approved by military professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.  

Veil Camo™ 

Kryptek® isn’t our only camouflage option, and we’re continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to concealment Our cutting-edge, scientifically engineered Veil Camo™ patterns were created using rigorous research into eyesight and vision throughout the animal kingdom. They’re leading the way in 2022 when it comes to field sports, and even look great out in the urban jungle.    

Rescued + Renewed  

Sustainability is rightly at the forefront of everyone’s thinking. The world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, forcing everyone to take a look at the goods they manufacture and consume. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and want to show that you can enjoy functional and stylish fashion without costing the earth.   

Our Rescued + Renewed Collection is raising the bar when it comes to sustainability, creating amazing products for our customers while encouraging the rest of the industry to take things further. The collection uses recycled fabric and mesh made from plastic bottles, turning problematic waste into high-quality items that will stand the test of time.   

Flexfit caps are built to last, and with our sustainable range, we’re creating headwear that can be a catalyst in promoting the protection and prosperity of the Earth.   

Our Flexfit Bamboo Dad Cap takes a super-simple classic design and gives a sustainable modern twist. With UV protection and an anti-bacterial blend, it’s made from sustainable materials to give it a real eco-edge.  

The Yupoong Adjustable Eco Wash Dad Cap is a simple, unstructured cap with an adjustable buckle closure on the back. With a clean, single colour design it features a long and pre-curved quilted visor.   


2022 is all about customisation and doing things your way. Flexfit believes that the only limitations on your cap design and decoration should be your creativity. The Flexfit® UniPanel™ range gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to design. Whatever your passion, the uninterrupted canvas offered by our unipanel design is a real game-changer.

The Flexfit®  Melange UniPanel™ is a high-quality flexible all-rounder. Using tried and tested Flexfit 110 technology, it incorporates an adjustable Velcro fastener for an optimum fit. It’s a classic simple cap available in buck or grey for an understated but decidedly stylish choice. 

Get inspired in our shop  

If you’re still looking for inspiration for your 2022 cap, then take a look at our extensive range of products in our shop. There really is something for everyone and we can ensure you’re looking your best throughout the coming year whatever your style preferences. 

The ultimate in quality and customisation  

The Flexfit brand is unsurpassed when it comes to quality and reputation. We’ve established ourselves over the decades as the leading manufacturer of high-quality blank and wholesale caps. We’re continually looking for ways to improve our designs and push the boundaries of what’s possible.   

Our Blank Wholesale Caps Programme is redefining what’s possible when it comes to customisation, quality and customer service. Our extensive range is available as plain unbranded caps that are ready to be customised and branded through embroidery, badges, printing and patches. They’re ideal for any kind of promotion for your company or organisation and allow for easy customisation without compromising on that famous Flexfit quality.  

Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, or online store you can select any style of blank caps from our blank program and enjoy fast and reliable delivery service, subject to availability. They can help your company make a real statement in 2022.  

All of our plain caps are backed by a 100 per cent Flexfit® non defect guarantee so you know you can depend on a quality product.   

To find out more about our extensive selection of blank Flexfit caps, contact our sales team at [email protected]  



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