The enduring appeal of camo caps

Appeal of camo

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Yupoong camo caps are made with camouflage fabrics and, like most camo print fashion items, have an enduring appeal.

Military wear

Many wild animals are coloured in ways that make them blend into the background. Surprisingly, before the 20th century, soldiers did not wear khaki or other colours to make them difficult to spot. Instead they were dressed in bright colours. For example, in about 1850, many British regiments wore bright red jackets.

In the First World War, military leaders decided that bright red was an impractical colour for soldiers to wear in battle, so issued khaki uniforms. Camouflage patterns were painted on vehicles and equipment to make them more difficult to spot by German airplanes. By the Second World War, the use of camouflage was extensive and soldiers decorated themselves with patterns that were designed to look like leaves so that they could not be easily spotted.

Camouflage in fashion

Pictures of soldiers in fashion inspired fashion designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Patrik Ervell, and others to use camouflage prints in their garment designs. Wearing camouflage was associated with humanitarian causes, and U2 used camouflage to publicise African rights.

In the 1990s, hip-hop artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Tupac and BCC wore camouflage and established it as an essential part of street culture. Camouflage or camo had evolved from a pattern to hide the military in rural environments, to clothes that were designed to make you get noticed in the urban streets.

Camo prints are now a mainstream fashion statement and are no longer confined to the hip-hop generation. In 2017, Kim Kardashian West was pictured in camo-print shorts. Other celebrities have been seen in camo prints and they have established it as a fashionable print to wear.

Yupoong camo caps

The Yupoong camo hats blend camo fashion fabrics with technology and are the perfect combination of good looks and practicality. They are available in classic camo prints as well as timber, grass and mossy oak patterns. A wide range of fabrics are available, including rich cotton, wool blend and polyester.

Flexfit technology means that the hats are comfortable to wear all day and stay on the head even during vigorous exercise. With the Permacurve peak, visors keep their shape after being curved or adjusted.

A Yupoong camo hat can be worn by young and old, male or female. They look equally fashionable whether you’re walking down the street, taking part in extreme sports or trekking in the wilderness.

Yupoong camo hats can be customised with company logos and make for ideal corporate gifts.

About Yupoong

South Korean firm Yupoong has been making high-quality baseball type hats for a long time. Unlike cheap hats, Yupoong hats are designed to last and are of the highest quality. The company invests heavily in research and development that results in innovative features.

You can see Yupoong camo hats at major retailers. If you want a unique branded Yupoong camo cap to sell or for gifts, why not contact our design team for more details?

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