The Flexfit 110 Snapback hat – your questions answered

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The Flexfit 110 Snapback is one of our most popular style of caps, but what makes them special and why do people wear them?

What is a snapback?

According to

“A snapback is a type of baseball cap with a flat brim and an adjustable strap in the back that snaps together. They’re a staple of international urban streetwear.”

Baseball caps with adjustable straps have been around for a long time, but it is only relatively recently that they have come to be known as snapbacks.

What does 110 mean?

There are 10 standard head sizes, and the 110 Snapback adjusts to fit each of them, so the name indicates that all 10 sizes are catered for with one cap.

Who wears the Flexfit 110 Snapback?

It is impossible to define a typical Flexfit 110 Snapback wearer. They are the favourite hat of many sportspeople and those who like to work out wearing a baseball hat. This is because the Snapback adjusts to fit the head in such a way that the cap will not fall off during vigorous exercise, and is very comfortable to wear.

Some people wear 110 hats simply because they look stylish. They were popularised in the ‘80s by hip-hop artists and later by electronic dance music (EDM) and rave fans. Despite their long history, 110 Snapbacks hats are not seen as dated and are worn by a wide variety of people, young, old, male and female. People love them for their combination of practicality and style.

How long will my 110 cap last?

Flexfit makes caps using premium quality materials. The 110 caps are manufactured to high standards and make sure all caps are made well-made and manufactured to last. It is impossible to quantify how long your cap will last, except to say that it will last a long time.

Provided you look after it well, you can expect your 110 cap to be like a good friend – reliable and there for you for the long term.

What if I don’t like plain hats?

Blank 110 Caps are very stylish, but many wearers prefer a custom hat. Plenty of companies have their own Flexfit 110 Snapback hats branded with their logo. If you cannot find a Flexfit 110 cap from your favourite brand, have you thought about having custom graphics added to your Flexfit 110 Snapback hat?

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