The Flexfit 360° Omnimesh Cap – the evolution of the baseball cap


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Yupoong/Flexfit are baseball cap manufacturers and been making baseball caps for over four decades. Every so often, we take the basic baseball style and add a unique touch that makes the cap a little different to all the other caps on the market. The Flexfit 360° Omnimesh is an example of this, and is an evolution of the baseball cap.

The Flexfit 360° Omnimesh Cap has been designed for wear in hot climates. It has absolute breathability and maximised airflow. Sweatbands prevent odour and keep the head dry. The fabric in this cap stretches to fit comfortably on all head sizes. The 360° mesh looks modern, sleek and is suitable for smart casual wear.

Whether you wear the Flexfit 360° Omnimesh Cap outside in the harsh sun, or during a vigorous gym workout, it provides ultra-cool comfort. This cap is for people who appreciate the combination of style and comfort. The visor has multiple lines of stitching for a distinctive look. Binding tapes securely fasten the panels and contain the Flexfit logo to show that this is a genuine premium Flexfit cap.

The Flexfit 360° Omnimesh Cap, with its distinctive mesh pattern and grey colour, looks fashionable as well as being practical. Some see it as the next step in the evolution of the baseball cap. At Flexfit, we view it as a fine example of how we use innovative technology to design a cap that is destined to be the favourite Yupoong/Flexfit item for many wearers.

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