The Flexfit Delta 180 – luxury sportswear without the high price tag

Flexfit Delta

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Luxury sportswear is high-priced streetwear-influenced fashion sold as luxury fashion. Unfortunately, it often comes with a luxury price tag too, but you can add a Flexfit Delta 180 hat to your sportswear outfit without breaking the bank.

What is luxury sportswear?

Streetwear fashion is influenced by clothes sportspeople wear, such as leggings, baseball hats, track pants, tennis style skirts and athletic vests. Some streetwear can be worn playing sport, but you don’t have to be athletic to wear it.

Modern streetwear is influenced by top fashion designers such as Raf Simons and Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga and Vetements. DKNY, Gucci, and Alexander Wang are among the iconic brands that have created their own version of streetwear clothing, which is known as luxury sportswear. This fashion style is more at home off the sports field than on it. Some designers use silk, leather neoprene, wool crepe and washed satin in their luxury sportswear range, which are hardly practical for playing sport.

The Flexfit Delta 180

Luxury sportswear is expensive and beyond the budget of many streetwear enthusiasts. The Flexfit Delta 180, however, is luxury sportswear without the high price of the designer fashion brands. At Flexfit, we have taken the baseball style of hat and elevated it to another level. Standard baseball hats have crown panels that are stitched together with the stitches clearly visible. The Delta hat uses a stitchless construction system to attach the panels together without any visible stitching. This creates a smoother, lighter look.

We’ve followed the same route as the luxury sportswear designers, taking an established design and improving it. However, at Flexfit we do not want our hats to be exclusive, limited to a few rich wearers. You may pay a little more for the Flexfit Delta 180 than for a cheap hat, but remains very affordable.

The other factor that distinguishes the Delta cap is that is very practical, unlike some luxury sportswear. You can play baseball, golf or any other sport in Delta caps. Flexfit technology minimises sweat to keep the head cool and dry, and the cap provides protection from the sun. You can come off the sports field and change into streetwear still wearing your Delta cap.

Delta caps look great in plain colours, but are ideal for adding custom graphics to them. Wear your Flexfit Delta 180 cap when exercising, playing sport, or simply hanging out with your friends outside.

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