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There are many people who don’t want to own ordinary things, especially when it comes to clothes. ‘Ordinary’ is a word that cannot be applied to the Delta hat.

An increment

In mathematics, the word Delta means:

“an increment of a variable.”

Delta is something that is added to a variable. The Delta cap adds to the baseball hat style to make it different but still recognisable as a baseball hat. The Delta stands out because of its stitchless construction and lightweight fabric that creates a lighter and smoother look.

The Delta hat is ideal worn with smart casual clothes to create a look that is that little bit different to what the crowd wears.

Not just the looks

People don’t just choose the Delta because it looks great, but also because they want a hat that is comfortable to wear and very practical. The fabric of the cap stretches to fit the head comfortably and securely. Stain block technology prevents staining and keeps the hat fresh. The curved visor will not lose its shape thanks to Permacurve technology.

The cap protects the head from the sun and water resistant technology keeps heads dry on wet days.

Why settle for less?

There are baseball hats that are much cheaper than the Delta, but these are ordinary hats that do not have the same technology and are not made to last. Some clothes are worn once then binned, given away or sold. With the Delta had, on the other hand, people have been known to wear theirs for many years. They refuse to settle for ordinary baseball hats, preferring to wear one that looks smoother and lighter and will last a long time.

Their Delta hat is like a best friend, reliable, and always there for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are happy or sad, starting your day by wearing a Flexfit Delta hat is somehow uplifting. A Delta hat defines your style, says something about who you are, and that you are definitely not ordinary. You are happy for your friends to wear dad or trucker hats as long as they are fine with you putting on your Flexfit Delta.

At Flexfit, we want you to look your best in our caps. No Flexfit hat is the wrong one to wear, though Delta supporters may argue that theirs is the only hat style you should put on.

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