The Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme helps tech entrepreneurs

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Many people dream of starting their own business, becoming an entrepreneur, and founding the next tech start-up. The Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme helps start-ups promote their services.

Competing with the giants

There are several giant tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Apple who are known throughout the world. You don’t have to be a big company to compete in the tech world. A good idea implemented via a single app or website can attract users. People using a website or app are not concerned about the size of the business behind it. If the app is useful, they will use it.

The importance of image

High-profile tech companies have a recognisable image, Facebook has its thumbs up logo and Apple has the apple with a bite taken out. A start-up needs an instantly recognisable image. Brand awareness is about repetition, so the more someone sees a logo, the more likely they are to remember it. The obvious place to start to get a brand known is digitally on social media, websites and online advertising, but it is a mistake to confine brand promotion solely to the digital world.

Baseball caps are a great promotion tool, and people wearing branded hats are walking adverts for a brand. Someone wearing a custom cap in a city centre can be seen by thousands of people, showing that although we spend plenty of time in front of screens, we take in what we see while out and about too.

Quality counts

A tech start-up should be seen as a quality brand. Many tech companies appeal to the millennial, young people who tend to be particular concerned about climate change and the environment. Any product that tech companies partner with should be premium quality and be concerned have green credentials. This makes Flexfit, with our Flexfit Delta Carbon cap, an ideal partner as Deltas are our premium grade hats with the stitchless construction making a stylish lighter item.

We make sure that all materials in our caps do not violate international environmental standards and our factories do not harm the planet.

The Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme is an opportunity to have branded hats printed or embroidered with the company logo. They can be sold to generate extra income for a start-up to use to invest in their project, or can be given away as promotional headwear.

To get started on creating your own range of Flexfit Delta hats, talk to a member of the Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme.

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