The Flexfit Snapback – a cap to keep, not return

Yupoong Custom Snapback

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Neither customers nor retailers enjoy the experience of returned items. Luckily, with the Flexfit Snapback, this is rarely necessary.

The returns problem

Around 30% of all clothes ordered online are returned. This can be because customers find that they do not suit the clothes or they do not fit well. This return rate compares to just under 9% for physical stores.

When someone buys a Flexfit Snapback hat, it is unlikely that they will return it because they do not like it. They are impressed with how stylish snapbacks look and how well they are made. If they have never worn a Flexfit cap before, they will be surprised at how comfortable it is to wear. The snapback mechanism adjusts the cap to make it both comfortable and secure to wear.

A Flexfit cap will not be returned because of a poor fit, since it is a one-size-fits-all cap. This is also beneficial to the retailer as unlike a lot of headwear, they only need to stock one size.

It is unlikely that return rates for snapbacks will be zero, as there are other reasons for returning items. Sometimes goods are damaged in transit, items look different from their online images, or people mistakenly order the wrong item. All these reasons can be minimised when selling Flexfit caps. Flexfit caps are unlikely to be damaged in transit provided they are packed well. Images on websites need to be professionally photographed so they reflect what the actual hats look like, and Flexfit can help with your snapback cap images. Website checkout systems can be made simple and clear so that the chances of ordering a wrong item are minimised.

Make returns easy

In the rare event that a customer wants to return a Flexfit cap, they need a straightforward and simple returns procedure. Return labels can be included in the packaging or printed online and refunds should be prompt. Customers need to know that if they do want to return a Flexfit cap, they have the peace of mind in knowing that returns are simple. If they find the cap is the wrong colour for them, they need to be able to easily exchange it for another cap.

At Flexfit, we supply Snapback caps either blank or with customised designs that we know your customers will want to keep. Whether you sell online, offline or both, low return rates mean extra profit for you.

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