The Flexfit Snapback hat fits all head sizes

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The great thing about the Flexfit Snapback cap is that it fits all head sizes due to the snapback mechanism that adjusts to the size of every head.

Changes to head size

Your head size is obviously larger than when it was when you were a small child, but once the body stops growing, your head remains the same size throughout your life.

If you lose a lot of weight your face will look thinner but your head size should remain the same as this is determined by the size of the skull, which is not affected by weight loss or gain. Elderly people often have thin looking faces, but their skull size does not change.

Flexfit Snapbacks will fit all adult head sizes, but children should wear one of the Flexfit youth range.

Changes to hair

Although skull size does not change, the amount of hair on the head affects how a cap fits. A bald person has less surface area for a cap to fit on than someone with a full head of hair. Women with long hair often like to have their hair up under their caps when running or exercising and this affects how a cap fits.

Colours to change your head size?

There is a theory that black makes you look thinner and light colours like white make you look bigger. If you wear a black Snapback hat, your head could look smaller and a white one could make it seem bigger. If you wear all black, then you could appear thinner, but simply putting on a black hat probably does not change the perception of head size.

Sharing Snapback hats

To some, their Flexfit cap is highly personal and they would not dream of lending theirs to someone else, but many couples like to share their Flexfit hats. They may have different coloured Snapbacks on a hall table or hat stand, and pick up the colour they fancy for the day. The Flexfit Snapback hat will adjust to each household member’s head size.

The style

The Flexfit Snapback range is available in a number of styles to suit all heads. Choose from five to seven panel styles available in a range of classic colours and fabrics. All styles in the Snapback range are made from premium quality materials and are made to last.

Your head will suit any style of Flexfit snapback hat, no matter what size it is.

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