The flexibility of Yupoong custom caps

The Flexibility of Yupoong Custom Caps

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Yupoong makes quality baseball style caps that are both fashionable and very practical, and the Yupoong custom service offers the opportunity to create unique hats for your brand. Businesses can give their own hat designs as promotional gifts, or Yupoong hats can be sold under your own brand label.

Design options

There are several design options available to make your hats unique.

Logo designs can be in the form of 3D embroidery, flat embroidery or patches. These can be attached to the front of the cap in a central or side position. The logo can also be attached to the sides or back of the cap. Alternately, fix a logo to the visor. For a luxury look, logos can be printed on leather patches and stitched to the cap.

There are many fabric options and colours available, including organic cotton and premium wool blend textiles. Stitching can match the colour of the cap or be in a contrasting shade.

Various technical features that can be added to your caps. Hyper Tech regulates temperature to make sure that wearers don’t overheat when exercising. UV protection prevents sunburn, while SP Hybrid Coating repels water when it rains.

The Permacurve visor is designed to retain the shape of the peak, no matter how many times it is curved or adjusted.

Flexfit technology makes sure that the cap fits perfectly on all head sizes and feels comfortable to wear all day. To discuss all your design requirements for a unique Yupoong cap design, talk to a member of our customisation team.

Flexible terms

The good news about the customisation domestic program is that the minimum order for new designs is 36 pieces and, for repeat orders, 18 pieces. Lead times for samples are 10 working days or less and the finished caps can be delivered in three to four weeks. This means that you do not have to commit to large orders or wait a long time to test the market for your hats or get feedback from clients who receive your caps as promotional gifts.

Fashion items

The first baseball style caps may have been produced many years ago, but it is a headwear style that never seems to go out of fashion. Perhaps unique to fashion garments, the baseball cap appeals to all ages and genders. Even the US president wears them, as well as trending music stars such as Beyoncé.

A Yupoong Flexfit cap customised with your brand will be a much-appreciated gift for all your clients. By associating your brand with a fashionable line of Yupoong-made caps, you are providing your customers with a quality, good-looking headwear item that is extremely practical.

Yupoong custom baseball caps are made with materials that exceed international environmental standards and contain no toxic substances. Your clients will be assured that wearing your caps will not harm the planet.

Entrepreneurs can design own label caps and sell them to make good profits, or to simply have a cap that accelerates their branding.

For more information about the custom program contact Yupoong.

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