The special attachment between baseball players and their caps


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Sean Doolittle, a pitcher for the Washington Nationals baseball team, has said that baseball players see their hats as “sacred”.

In a recent Washington Post article, he explained the players’ attitude to their baseball hats:

“We integrate our caps into our strange routines and superstitions, removing and replacing them on our heads with ritual precision so they sit just so.”

When Doolittle sets foot on the pitcher’s mound, he removes his cap to see a motivational message he has written in marker pen on the inside of the brim. It is a reminder of how lucky he feels to be a professional baseball player. If his performance in the game is not going well, he pauses for a moment or two, removes his cap and reads the message again to remotivate himself to perform better.

Both baseball players and spectators often believe that their favourite baseball caps are lucky and help their team win.

It would be stretch to say that most Yupoong/Flexfit cap wearers see their headwear as “sacred”, but they often have routines around their caps – when to wear them, what angle to wear them at and what logo they prefer on their Yupoong custom caps.

At Flexfit, we welcome any reason to wear your cap. We don’t expect your caps to be sacred, but we do want you to love wearing them. We have been making caps for over four decades and have developed great-looking caps that are very practical, making it easy to love Yupoong/Flexfit caps.

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