The Yupoong 110 Snapback: traditional hat for modern times


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The Yupoong 110 Snapback is based on a decades-old traditional design that does not date, making it suitable for modern times.

Snapback origins

The origins of the baseball cap are in the soft caps that the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball players wore in 1860. By the 1940s a baseball hat similar to the snapback was developed. Though there are many variations on the baseball hat style, the Yupoong 110 Snapback remains a very popular hat choice.

The benefits of the Snapback

The Yupoong 110 Snapback is made with quality materials and components just like all our hat styles. The snapback strap mechanism adjusts the hat to fit all head sizes, which is where it gets its name 110 from, short “for one size fits all 10 sizes”.

Wearing snapbacks

There are no rules about how to wear Yupoong 110 Snapbacks. Many like to wear their snapbacks in natural colours, black, whites or greys that can blend with either workwear or casual clothes.

Though a snapback cap is often seen as casual wear, snapbacks look good with more formal blazers or even suits. Snapbacks, like all baseball hats, are often worn with trainers, though there is no rule about this, and more formal shoes look fine.

Hip hop artists in the 1990s popularised snapback hats. The hip hop look still looks good. Wear a black snapback with a white logo paired with an oversized graphic T-shirt, ripped black jeans and black or white speakers.

For the cool casual urban look, wear a snapback with a slogan t-shirt or jumper and a bomber jacket. Unlike the hip hop style, the urban look often has bold colours on the jacket or top. Camo pattern caps look good with the urban look.

Forwards or backwards?

Caps can be worn forwards or backwards. The large peak of the Snapback cap is designated to protect the face from the sun, but backward wearing cap people ignore this. A backwards cap is best worn high on the head on a downwards slant.

Most people wear snapbacks forwards. You could wear yours to one side, but that is generally regarded as silly.

People used to bend the peak of their snapback hats, but this is no longer regarded as cool. Flexfit 110 Snapbacks are designed to keep their shape. The peak is not meant to be bent out of shape.

A fashion that has gone out of style is pulling long hair through the back of the snapback into a ponytail or bun. Simply let your long hair fall loose.

Snapbacks are often seen as a young person’s hat which should be abandoned when someone reaches the age of 40. Yupoong has no age limit. If a 100-year-old person wants to buy and wear a 110 snapback hat, he or she is entitled to do so without censor.

Yupoong’s Flexfit 110 Snapback is a premium quality baseball hat that has been developed over many decades but is suitable for modern day wear by every type of person.

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