The Yupoong Dad Hat – both good looking and practical

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The Yupoong Classic Dad Hat may be reminiscent of the baseball hats your dad used to wear, but for fashion-conscious people, they are a stylish hat that also has many practical qualities. They can be worn by people of all ages, male or female.

Flexfit technology

Flexfit technology means that the Yupoong Dad Hat will comfortably fit all head sizes. The aim of Flexfit technology is to create caps that feel extremely comfortable even when worn all day by people with small to large heads.

The Yupoong Dad hat is designed to stay comfortably on your head, when walking, jogging or during vigorous workouts.

Plenty of choices

The Yupoong Dad hat comes in many colours and finishes to suit all tastes. The hats are made from cotton-rich fabric that is available in many colour shades. Washed cotton effects, two-tone, brushed twill and camouflage pattern fabrics are available.

The stitching can blend into the panels of the hat, or in a contrasting colour. For small children’s heads, there is a youth version of the Dad Hat.


Dad hats are ideal for customising and branding with a company logo. Designs can be printed on the hat, or cotton patches stitched on the visor or panels. There are several types of embroidery finishes available to make a logo stand out. For a classic look, a leather patch with your company image can be sewn onto the hat.

Customers and clients love to receive a free Yupoong Dad hat branded with a distinctive company logo. Alternatively, Yupoong Dad Hats can be customised and sold as a fashion item.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your Dad hat unique.

Yupoong technology

Yupoong has been developing hat technology for over 40 years that adds useful features to hats. For example, many people like to change the shape of their peak, whether for fashion reasons to keep the sun out of their eyes. The Permacurve visor is keep its shape no matter how often it’s adjusted.

Fabrics have been developed to protect the wearer from the sun and prevent sweat odours. They are practical for the great outdoors, as well as in the urban environment.

The Yupoong philosophy

The Yupoong philosophy for the Dad Hat, and all its caps, is to create products that are both fashionable and practical.

The company invests heavily in research and development. The Yupoong Dad hat may look like a classic old school baseball hat, but it is a much better quality and includes more technology than hats first worn by baseball player many decades ago.

Yupoong is dedicated to making quality headwear with zero-defect manufacturing systems that make sure all hats are made to consistent high production standards. The company cares about the environment too, and all materials and manufacturing processes conform to strict environmental standards.

If you want to customise your hats or buy hats in wholesale quantities, contact our sales and design team. We can advise you on how to get the most out of your hats.

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