The Yupoong Dad Hat – not just for dads

Pink dad hat

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The name of the Yupoong Classic Dad Hat could lead some people to mistakenly believe that it is a hat that should only be worn by a father. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

What is a dad hat?

A dad hat is a baseball cap that does not have a snapback. Its visor is low profile and slightly curved. The dad hat is usually made from cotton, and there is a trend to wear an oversized one.

A brief history of the dad hat

There was a time when dad hats were mainly worn by middle-aged men, most of them dads. Before the 1970s, baseball hats were only seen on the baseball field. Characters seen wearing them on television dramas and comedies were generally figures of fun, such as Gomer Pyle in the Andy Griffiths Show, who was a simple-minded mechanic with a poor fashion sense.

In the 1990s, college students who wanted to set trends had a habit of removing the buckram from baseball caps so that they were loose-fitting. Leading sportswear manufacturers noticed this trend and started to make a more casual type of baseball cap that resembles the dad hats of today.

In the late 1990s and the early 20th Century, hip-hop artists began to adopt the baseball cap as their favourite piece of headwear and established them as a hip fashion item.

Snapback or dad hat?

The two favourite YP Classics styles of baseball cap are the snapback and the dad hat, and Yupoong manufactures both types. Within the Yupoong Snapback and Dad Hat range, there are lots of style options available, including colour, fabric and stitching choices.

Although a cap wearer’s friends may also wear baseball caps, there is enough variety of style choices to make a cap express its wearer’s individuality. A custom cap with an embroidered logo makes a Dad hat unique.

There are no rules about cap choices. It is a personal choice about what type of Yupoong cap you choose, whether it’s the Dad Hat, Snapback or something else entirely.

All Yupoong caps are made to high manufacturing standards to make them look stylish, as well as being a practical cap that will last a long time when worn frequently.

A loose-fitting Yupoong Dad hat creates a more casual look. Some wearers like them back to front with the visor at the back. Although dad hats do not have a snapback, they fit in a way that makes them very comfortable to wear.

The best way to decide whether to wear a Dad hat or another type of Yupoong baseball cap is to try various caps on to decide which look and fit suits your style. Yupoong hats are available at leading clothing and sportswear retailers, as well as online.

Premium quality and protecting the planet

The premium quality of Yupoong Dad Hats is not achieved at the expensive of the planet. All materials and processes used in their construction are closely monitored to make sure that they are environmentally friendly.

A Yupoong Dad Hat is a great choice that combines stylish looks with practical values.

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