The Yupoong Delta – a classic style brought up to date

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The Yupoong Delta cap is based on the classic baseball design, but brought right into the 21st Century in terms of style and innovation.

The first baseball cap featuring a long peak and a button on the top was worn in 1860. By the 1940s, the modern baseball hat was worn by major baseball players and their fans. The classic design of the baseball cap has remained relatively unchanged until Yupoong started making them.

Over 40 years ago, Yupoong changed the baseball cap with the introduction of modern technology. The Yupoong Delta cap is the latest evolution of the baseball cap.

What makes the Yupoong Delta cap different

Baseball caps are made with between five to seven panels. In the classic baseball cap, the panels are sewn together and the stitches are clearly seen. The Yupoong Delta cap fuses the panels together in such a way that there are no visible stitches. This gives the cap a lighter and sleeker look.

The evolution of the baseball cap in the Yupoong Delta is not just in how it looks. The three-layer sweatband incorporates technology that absorbs sweat and prevents odours. This makes the cap ideal for wearing on hot days, or during vigorous workouts.

Don’t worry if it rains, as the polyester and spandex fabric repels water, leaving your head dry.


Baseball caps are often worn all day, inside or outside. They are donned by active people into extreme sports or exploring the outdoors. They need to stay on your head when running, playing sport or dancing down the street. Most baseball hats have adjustable bands to make them stay on your head, but these can make the cap tight and uncomfortable.

Yupoong Delta caps are designed to be very comfortable. They come in just two sizes – small to medium and large to extra-large. Flexfit technology adjusts the cap to your head size without being too tight They are lightweight and designed to feel great when worn for long periods.


The Delta comes in a number of classic colours, black, grey, navy, red, silver and white. The caps can be branded with your business logo and slogan. Customised hats can be sold as your own label brand or given away as promotional gifts for your company.

The Yupoong philosophy

Yupoong’s philosophy is to make premium quality headwear from materials that do not harm the planet. All fabrics and other materials used in our caps exceed international environmental standards.

The Zero Defect manufacturing process makes hats of the finest quality and durability. You can be assured that your Flexfit Delta cap is a premium cap that is worth paying a little extra for. Flexfit Delta Carbon caps are designed to look good while also being practical and hard wearing.

Who wears Delta caps?

Yupoong’s Flexfit Delta 180 caps are based on the timeless looks of the classic baseball cap but bought up to date. They are worn by young and old, male and female. They are for people that love their combination of style and practicality.

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