Three baseball hat myths dispelled

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Baseball hats have been around for decades, and in that time, it’s inevitable that a number of myths have been created. Here are three of them:

1. Hats can lead to hair loss

Some wearers like to keep their baseball hats on all day, and there is a myth that this will lead to premature hair loss. However, in a 2012 Dermatologist, Aman Samrao said:

“I don’t see how a hat could cause that, unless you’re wearing it so tightly that it’s pulling your hair.”

At Flexfit we make baseball caps that are extremely comfortable to wear all day long, and are adjustable so as to avoid any pulling.

2. Hats and ‘bad luck’

A more superstitious myth is the believe that leaving a hat on the bed overnight will cause bad luck. This is because people used to think that spirits lived in the hair and would be present in a hat.

If you handle a polyester hat, sometimes you can see flashes and hear cracks. This is not caused by evil spirits but from a buildup of static electricity.

3. Hats create stereotypes

Today, there are no rules about who wears baseball hats. They are seen on the heads of Instagram trendsetters, an elderly US President, mums taking their kids to school and on designer fashion catwalks, so there is no typical baseball cap wearer.

No matter how old you are, or your gender, you can safely wear a Yupoong Flexfit cap all day long without losing your hair, and leave it unattended on the bed all night without risk.

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