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Flexfit Snapback

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At Flexfit, we offer a variety of styles, shapes and sizes of cap, so if you’re looking for just the right one for yourself or your organisation, you might be unsure where to start. One cap that we find maintains an enduring popularity and iconicity is the Flexfit Snapback.

The most obvious example of this is the Classics Snapback range. These hat, with their distinctive usually boxy shape and Permacurve peak, boast a stylish and distinctive look, but perhaps the most distinct and celebrated aspect of them is the strap.

Why is it called a Snapback?

The name ‘Snapback’ simply comes from the closure option at the back of the cap. You’ll see a number of small notches, along with an equal number of holes to slot them into. Every time you do this, or pull the notches out of the slots, you’ll hear an unmistakable snapping sound.

At Flexfit, the Snapback is definitely one of our favourites, and here are three of the factors we most like about it:

1. A secure fit

The closure option synonymous with the Snapback allows a single size of cap to fit a variety of head sizes. By simply moving the notches from one slot to the next, it means that one size really can fit all.

The strap allows for the fact that cap wearers want a snug fit, but there are times when you might like to wear it a little tighter or looser than usual. Perhaps you’re travelling at high speed or in windy conditions and want to tighten it up? Maybe you’ve gone from short hair to long (or vice versa) and want to change your fitting accordingly. The option is always there.

2. Strong and robust

Once you’ve snapped the notches into the desired slots, they’re fixed in place and won’t slip out of their hole inadvertently. While it’s easy to adjust the fitting by hand, it’s very unlikely it will come undone by mistake.

Made of solid and high-quality materials, it makes for a strong and supportive closure option that can be used time and time again, and won’t be destroyed in the wash or bad weather.

3. The snapping sound

There’s no getting away from it – we love the noise Snapback caps make every time they’re fitted and undone. It’s satisfying, solid, secure and what really sets a Snapback apart.

That feeling when you first put on a cap and snap it into place is loved by the cap connoisseur, as is the moment you detach it to take your cap off for the day.

Who wears Snapbacks?

Anyone, really, but for the reasons we’ve mentioned, they’re particularly good for sports and outdoor use.

Whether you’re playing baseball or heading out to your local skate park, the secure yet stylish nature of a Flexfit Snapback means you’re ideally kitted out with a cap designed to be used while on the move.

You don’t have to be going at full throttle to enjoy wearing a Snapback though – we think it looks just as cool when taking a leisurely walk down the streets!

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